A cross sectional online survey on the reasons of detransitioning. (Germany)

In a sample of 237 participants, the large majority was female; 217 female (92%) for 20 male respondents (8%). Close to two thirds (65%) transitioned both socially and medically; 31% only socially. Out of the respondents who medically transitioned, 46% underwent gender affirming surgeries. Around half (51%) of the respondents started socially transitioning before the age of 18, and a quarter (25%) started medically transitioning before that age as well.
The most common reported reason for detransitioning was realized that the gender dysphoria was related to other issues (70%). The second one was health concerns (62%), followed by transition did not help the dysphoria (50%), found alternatives to deal with dysphoria (45%), unhappy with the social changes (44%), and change in political views (43%). At the very bottom of the list are: lack of support from social surroundings (13%), financial concerns (12%) and discrimination (10%).

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UK – New Study shows transgender youth risk massive bone density loss on treatment

According to a new study done in 2020, puberty blockers (PB) administered to 12-15-year-old gender-dysphoric youth showed massive decline in bone mineral density (BMD) when compared to peers. The study authors, which included 44 patients, are from the Gender clinic called Tavistock and Portman NHS trust in the UK. Endocrinologist Dr Michael Laidlaw criticizes the study authors for trying to downplay the seriousness of the finding and says PB will lead adolescents to a much higher risk of early osteoporosis and fractures. Another endocrinologist, Dr Will Malone, said in 2019 that the most critical time for long term bone/skeletal health is achieved in our teen years but to continuing with PB will stop the rapid increase in bone density needed during this critical time. More

UK – Medical Journal choose the praise and applaud of people over science

It widely accepted medical knowledge that there exists significant differences between males and females biologically. Both respond differently to medical therapies, and a variety of neurological and psychiatric conditions demonstrate robust differences between the sexes in their incidence, symptoms, progression and response to treatment. There are also differences in the way the two sexes metabolize nutrients, and if properly studied, sex differences are the gateway to precision medicine. It is then with shock and horror that most will have to unpack the New England Journal of Medicine for it’s bizarre statement: “sex designations on birth certificates offer no clinical utility, and they can be harmful for intersex and transgender people.” The world’s most prestigious medical journal has left many professionals in disbelief. More

UK – Soaring numbers in divorce among homosexual women

Women in the UK who consider themselves married to other women are separating in soaring numbers – at rates higher than divorces of heterosexual couples. One lesbian activist, Natalie Drew, runs a clinic to help women in lesbian couples conceive children, and, as she told the Daily Mail, “a third of the 586 lesbian couples she helped to have babies between 2011 and 2015 have split up.” Drew’s argument is that the ceremony and terminology of marriage, as opposed to “civil partnership,” encourages lesbian couples to adopt a traditional specialization of roles. Which means that marriage is not a good model for lesbian couples, because they lack the natural complementarity of the sexes. Same-sex couples that buy into the traditional model, are going to a struggle to adapt to a quite different psychological and biological reality. More

UK – Shocking Evidence Shows Transgender ‘Treatment’ Harms Adolescence

Shocking evidence on the medical harms done to under 16’s treated by a Gender Identity clinic in London known also as Tavistock, led a High Court judge to ban the clinic from prescribing puberty-blockers, saying that is was “very doubtful” that youngsters could give informed consent. Swedish psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg testified that the use of puberty blockers is basically “a live experiment” on vulnerable children. His evidence shows blockers can harm a child’s brain and bone development; clinics are urging gender-changing teen girls to choose sperm donors to fertilise eggs before freezing them; Children who regret treatment find themselves “locked” into new bodies; Internet sites persuade autistic children that they are transgender when they simply have identity issues. Dr Gilberts’ concern is that “we have left established evidence-based clinical practice and are using powerful life-altering medication for a vulnerable group of adolescents and children based upon a belief.”

Other doctors also testified that there was a “disproportionate number” of children across the world claiming trans identities who were in care, adopted, autistic, anorexic or had psychiatric or mental illnesses. The evidence included testimony from dozens of young women who claimed that their lives had been ruined by sex change treatments. Professor Stephen Levine, an American expert in the field of gender treatment, testified that “there was no other field of medicine where such radical interventions are offered to children with such a poor evidence base”. He also claimed that treatment was taking place in such a toxic climate where critical and cautious voices are shouted down as transphobic, hateful and engaging in conversion therapy. “Scientific requirements for establishing an intervention’s utility are well known in medicine,” he said. “Advances are undertaken through carefully controlled clinical trials. Why should gender problems be considered an exception?”. All these expert witnesses and former young people whose lives were ruined by sex change “therapies” contributed to the UK High Court’s decision to ban such treatment to be administered to minors sunder 16. More

Texas – Proposed bill would amount sex transitions for minors to child abuse

Texas has filed a bill HB 68 defines child abuse to include the removal of healthy tissue, the prescription of puberty-blocking hormones, and sterilization surgeries if the procedures aim to “change or affirm a child’s perception of the child’s sex, if that perception is inconsistent with the child’s biological sex as determined by the child’s sex organs, chromosomes, and endogenous hormone profiles.” This bill is inspired after the infamous case of James Younger, a 7-year-old whose mother wanted to medically transition him against the father’s wishes, and in the end won full custody of the boy. Many studies show that 80% of gender confused children desist from wanting to transition by the time they’re 20. The UK has also banned medical & chemical transgender treatments for minors recently. Other U.S. states considering similar bills are Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, and New Hampshire.

Proposed Bill Would Classify Sex Transitions for Minors as Child Abuse, Bill tracker.

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UK – High Court protects transgender children from harmful and experimental drugs

In a landmark case which will impact laws around the world, the UK High Court has ruled that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are experimental treatments which cannot be given to children in most cases without application to the court. The court also ruled that it is highly unlikely that a child aged 15 and under could be competent to understand the long-term risks and consequences of treatment sufficiently in order to give consent to such interventions. Clinicians would also involve the court in any case where they doubt whether the long-term interests of a 16 or 17 year-old would be served by transgender treatments.

This case comes as vindication for Sue Evans (a former employee) who first raised concerns at the transgender clinic over 15 years ago. Keira Bell who was a victim of this treatment also made history as she joined the case and through her public testimony. In her statement, Keira Bell said: “I made a brash decision as a teenager, (as a lot of teenagers do) trying to find confidence and happiness, except now the rest of my life will be negatively affected.” The court found that the transgender clinic did not keep any record on the ages of children treated with puberty blockers or the number of young people referred by the clinic for blockers who have a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or any other mental health diagnosis. The clinic did not investigate these possibilities before putting children on blockers. The clinic failed also to track children on blockers into adult services and to track the outcomes. More

Canada – Concerned mother fights for her daughter’s medical safety and sanity

A judge prohibited a doctor from performing surgery to remove the breasts of a 17-year-old girl who wants to look like a male, and that against the objections of the mother. In disbelief that clinical standards and medical protocols could permit doctors to treat traumatized teenage girls caught up in a trend this way, and shocked that the government supports such unscientific and dangerous experimentation, the mother demands to review all the protocols that led the physicians, neither of whom are specialists, to arrive at the conclusions they have. An endocrinologist warned that the teen is presently being “severely overdosed” on testosterone because it raises her female levels to 100 times above normal. This is dangerous because it increases the risk for heart attacks, Severe liver dysfunction, permanent deepening of the voice, erythrocytosis, hypertension and other serious conditions.

According to a study by Kaiser in 2019, a review of medical records of thousands of transgender identified youth found when compared to non-transgender peers, transgender youth were 7 times more likely to have had psychological disorders and also 25-54 times more likely to have expressed suicidal thoughts prior to identifying as transgender. Many teens who have gone down this road have expressed regret and are warning others against taking their feelings at face value or concluding that their feelings, which are subject to change all the time, to be the sole determining factor to doubt their biological reality. All this suggests that the mother is right to resist this type of treatment for her daughter who is none the wiser.

Article, Teens who speak out, More teens share transgender regret, Teen calls transgender surgery a Frankenstein hack job, Women regrets transgender surgery.

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South Africa – Transgender affirmation | what it means for the children of SA

In a democratic process initiated by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), stakeholders were invited to comment on the Draft Guidelines on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Guidelines). The Guidelines take the affirming approach which means gender confused youth will be encouraged to dress according to the gender they feel they are and use corresponding toilet & changing room facilities. Transgender activists were also present at this meeting and seem to be promoting this as the solution to beat bullying and discrimination. At the same event Dr Sybrand de Vaal, presented a medical viewpoint with evidence based on various international academic and medical research studies on the medical response to gender dysphoria specifically in children. Dr de Vaal’s facts are supported by published, peer-reviewed scientific studies which, as a result, questions the efficacy of gender affirming approach. Transgender activists, feeling threatened by the presented evidence, responded by spreading the false hype about Dr de Vaal that promoted dangerous and ineffective therapy for transgender children. It didn’t end there, transgender activists are now pressuring the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the University of Cape Town to bar Dr de Vaal from Psychiatric Practice. An online petition is also circulating titled “Protect Trans Kids” against the doctor. Media bodies like Cape Times didn’t help the situation much by uncritically publishing the same false narrative spread by transgender activists, the impoverished piece by Nicola Daniels said the Doctor was allegedly “promoting harmful psychiatric practices with respect to transgender children” without mentioning or describing to the readers why the views of the doctor were so-called dangerous. Dr de Vaal and his legal team are currently preparing to respond to the HPCSA.

Liesl Pretorius, a Legal Advisor & Parliamentary Liaison at Cause For Justice (CFJ), said in a radio interview in June this year that the guidelines put forth by the WCED were lacking and that the strategy of preventing discrimination & bullying would actually worsen the situation. CFJ’s main concern is that the guidelines seemed to sidestep the parents, and that public participation on community level, especially with the community it will effect, was not widespread enough and even doubtful to have been attempted. CFJ emphasized the importance of involving the community because involving the community is a protective mechanism that guards against ideological & other discriminatory interventions in schools as has happened in the past. It was also noted that the curriculum, in terms of the South African School Act, was unlawfully drafted since it falls within the purview of the National Department of Social Development and the Provincial department cannot interfere with curriculum. CFJ said that important stakeholders should also be included from backgrounds such as medical, psychology, education, social work etc.

Medical institutions abroad and now trending in South Africa, are accepting without question for fear of losing their position at work and reputation, the radical idea that gender and sexual orientation confused children must receive the affirming approach. The controversial talk therapy which aims to help an individual feel comfortable and accept their biological reality, is highly criticised by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) activists, to the point where they sensationalise the so-called dangers of the same therapy method used to treat people with problems like depression, and anorexia etc. There have been LGBT individuals with unwanted attractions and unwanted gender dysphoria who have achieved change due to talk therapy – one can understand why LGBT activists who vehemently resist talk therapy would find this offensive.

If we encourage and promote the idea that the youth are “born that way” and that being confused about their gender identity is normal, how would we help those who feel confused but don’t want to transition? Will these guidelines follow the same trend seen in the USA and UK where teens are surgically and chemically transitioning?  Is the answer to gender dysphoria really found in surgical mutilation of healthy and functional body parts? Is the best solution for a transgender child to put them on a lifelong path of dependency on puberty blocking and hormones drugs?  

Dr Michelle Cretella from the American College of Paediatricians, a national organization of paediatricians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children, opposes the idea of affirming children into Transgenderism. For example, Lupron (the puberty blocking drug which transgender activists in the US are promoting) has neuropsychological effects that can worsen the condition of the transgender child. The drug label warns users about side-effects such as emotional lability, mood changes, nervousness, anxiety, agitation, confusion, delusion, insomnia, and depression. And says to “Monitor for development or worsening of psychiatric symptoms.” Tavistock Gender clinic for children in the UK documented that children who were on Lupron reported greater self-harm and that Girls exhibited more behavioral & emotional problems, & greater dissatisfaction with their body while on blockers. A study last year by Kaiser 2019 conducted a review of medical records of thousands of transgender identified youth and it found, that compared to their peers who are not trans-identified, transgender youth were seven times more likely to have had psychological disorders before identifying as transgender. Shouldn’t these findings cause us to pause, test and examine the best possible solutions for children? Would it not be better to suggest underlying causes be examined first, if it means that it could help the child accept and feel comfortable with their biological body, before encouraging them to transition? more at: CFJ Radio interview, Cape Times, FOR SA, Dr Cretella presentation

USA – Transgender kids often reject parents, and not the other way around

LGBT activists and the media have accepted the narrative that kids are living with parents who reject them based on morality or intolerance. A piece in Psychology Today revealed that often it is LGBT kids who reject their parents for not cheering or agreeing with their cross-dressing, name-changing, hormone-treatment and life-altering surgeries. Children often parrot what they’ve learned from activists by calling their parents transphobes and treating them like the enemy for being concerned. Yes, some trans children have suffered abuses at the hands of their families, but trans kids have also use the “I was abused” phrase to describe a home life where their gender choice was simply not embraced. more

USA – Federal Court of Appeals strike down ban on reparative therapy

The Federal Court of Appeals have struck down laws that ban counsellors from providing minor clients with help to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviours, or gender confusion. The case of Otto, et al v. City of Boca Raton, FL et al, found that the laws were both content and viewpoint based and violate the First Amendment right to free speech. Under the laws that were struck down, a counselor could encourage a client to take life-altering hormone drugs or even undergo invasive surgery to remove healthy body parts, but could not help a client who seeks to overcome unwanted same-sex attractions, behavior, or confusion. 

Judge Grant wrote: “The First Amendment does not protect the right to speak about banned speech; it protects speech itself, no matter how disagreeable that speech might be to the government. And what good would it do for a therapist whose client sought SOCE [sexual orientation change efforts] therapy to tell the client that she thought the therapy could be helpful, but could not offer it? It only matters that some words about sexuality and gender are allowed, and others are not… But speech does not need to be popular in order to be allowed. The First Amendment exists precisely so that speakers with unpopular ideas do not have to lobby the government for permission before they speak,”

The court also said, “The local governments are not entirely wrong when they characterize speech-based SOCE as a course of conduct. SOCE, after all, is a therapy, and plaintiffs say they want to ‘engage’ in it. But plaintiffs have the better of the argument. What the governments call a ‘medical procedure’ consists—entirely—of words. As the district court itself recognized, plaintiffs’ therapy ‘is not just carried out in part through speech: the treatment provided by Drs. Otto and Hamilton is entirely speech.’ If SOCE is conduct, the same could be said of teaching or protesting—both are activities, after all. Debating? Also an activity. Book clubs? Same answer. But the law does not require us to flip back and forth between perspectives until our eyes hurt.” more

UK – Government admits that allowing men into women’s toilets places them at a disadvantage

The UK government has admitted that it places “women at a significant disadvantage” when permitting gender neutral toilets – as if there actually were a thing as being gender neutral – you’ll always have either men or women using the same toilet, and this reality will never change. Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick is investigating the recent and harmful trend of swapping female-only facilities for ‘gender neutral’ toilets. The review will also challenge the myth that equality legislation requires the removal of sex-specific toilets. Jenrick’s focus is to maintain the safety and security of women. LGBT lobby group Stonewall has been campaigning for gender neutral toilets and signage for a number of years. However, opposition is growing. In a debate in the House of Lords earlier this year, Lord Lucas questioned whether ending sex-specific facilities was “desirable”. He asked: “Has there been research into why this is a good idea? Have needs been identified? Have women been consulted?” The Peer called upon the Government to “get a grip” and for Stonewall to “settle down to the idea that maybe it needs to modify its rather extreme views.” Read more

USA – New poll shows vast majority of Americans oppose gender transition for kids

Spry Strategies in a new poll found that a majority of likely voters in the 2020 election, regardless of their political affiliation, object to “gender identity” policies, and support the preservation of single-sex spaces and women’s sports as female-only. Sampled nationally from all 50 states, the 3,500 likely voters were comprised of different races, ethnicities, and political affiliations. Regarding transgender-identifying males being allowed to compete in girls’ and women’s sports, nearly 67% of respondents indicated that they either disagreed or strongly disagreed with it. Just under 60% of likely voters opposed allowing males to enter women’s restrooms and changing facilities. The poll showed that the wealthiest American are the most likely to support these policies which are largely unpopular with middle-class voters. Read more

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Same Sex Attraction

Scotland – Judicial review against Scottish Ministers granted for redefining woman

The Court of Sessions granted permission on 16 October 2020 for a Judicial Review to proceed against Scottish Ministers for redefining “woman” and a substantive hearing has been set for 7th January 2021. For Women Scotland (FWS) is a network of women across Scotland campaigning against the Scottish Ministers. FWS believes the bill is fundamentally flawed and the Scottish Ministers acted unlawfully and in contravention of their duties under equality legislation which led to the Scottish Parliament exceeding its legislative competency in redefining “woman”. The bill does not require people to dress, look or behave in any particular way, but just using female pronouns and a female name on legal documents would be enough evidence of being female. Read more

USA – Physical interventions on minors to “affirm” a mistaken “gender identity” violate sound medical ethics

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy. He writes on how a growing number of children in America and across the world are experiencing deep discomfort with their biological sex, known as gender dysphoria. Activists are trying to ban a psychological approach to help these children accept their bodies rather than irreversibly changing it with hormones and amputation of healthy body parts, by accusing practitioners of using abusive and harmful techniques. But they never provide credible evidence, and the therapy bans they support don’t target harmful practices. Sexual progressive activists really oppose being comfortable with one’s body.

“As a result, one-on-one counselling to help a teen struggling with body image due to anorexia would be permitted, but the very same counselling would be prohibited if the goal is to help a teen struggling with body image due to gender dysphoria. Activists use emotionally charged language, labelling all such techniques “conversion therapy.” They do not apply this label only to certain discredited techniques (such as electro-shock therapies), but to any therapeutic service—including basic talk therapy—to help a gender dysphoric youth feel comfortable without “transitioning.””

“The best outcome is always for people to feel comfortable in their own skin and with their sexuality. So why ban that intended goal? Indeed, even if one thought that sometimes “transitioning” was the best outcome for a particular patient, is it really credible to say that it is always the best—indeed the only legally permissible—outcome to work towards? It is absurd to pass laws banning therapy aimed at wholeness when we lack laws protecting children from actual unethical and harmful procedures in this area. As a preliminary point, the best available empirical studies show no benefit of either hormonal or surgical transition. But whatever one may think about the ethics of medical professionals’ “transitioning” adults, everyone should be able to agree that adults should not interfere with the natural, healthy development of the bodies and minds of children” Read more

South Africa – Same-sex couple discriminates against Beloftebos wedding venue owners

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has allegedly instituted an unfair discrimination case against Beloftebos wedding venue. Beloftebos indicated that it does not host same-sex weddings at the venue and, in doing so, they would violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Beloftebos owners also prohibits hosting events which celebrate Halloween, and events which request fortune telling booths etc. The same-sex couple is asking the court for a broad order, declaring that “the expression of religious beliefs as a basis on which to refuse to associate with or conduct business with a same-sex couple, constitutes hate speech and/or discrimination” in terms of the Equality Act.

If the Court were to make such an order, it would have broad implications – not only for Beloftebos, but for any business, organisation or even a private individual! Currently, Beloftebos is still waiting on the SAHRC, the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) and the Minister of Justice, to deliver their response to Beloftebos. According to the SAHRC, the reason for their delay is the Commission’s “need to meet with the Minister’s legal team to strategize on our approach”. Beloftebos’ attorneys have written to the SAHRC to express their “astonishment” at the SAHRC’s express admission in this regard – not only because the SAHRC and the Minister are (supposed to be) independent parties to the dispute, but also because the SAHRC is an independent Chapter 9 institution mandated to protect all citizens against abuse, including abuse by other organs / persons of State.  However, it is clear from the SAHRC’s response that it is in fact “strategizing” with the Minister against the very citizens the Commission is supposed to protect! This caucusing only serves as confirmation of the unfairness with which the SAHRC has been treating Beloftebos to date. Read more

South Africa – President Ramaphosa forces conscientious objectors to violate their beliefs

In a sad turn of events, president Ramaphosa has signed the 2020 Civil Union Amendment Act which forces marriage officers who object because of their deeply held beliefs, to solemnise a civil union between persons of the same sex. The laws follow a number of high-profile cases where a marriage officer refused to solemnise a same-sex couple. Constitutional law expert Pierre De Vos said that the change will finally bring an end to a “particularly egregious form of unfair discrimination” but now the law discriminates against individuals who seek to be faithful to their beliefs. It follows to expect more such forceful laws on conscientious objectors in other areas of society. Read more

Canada – Former homosexual man pleads with government not to criminalize therapy

Canada’s Members of Parliament (MP’s) are being urged not to pass Bill 8 – reintroduced by the by the liberals in October as Bill C-6 – which would criminalize conversion therapy for minors who struggle with same-sex attraction or transgender inclinations. A Canadian man in a series of videos pleads with MP’s not to criminalise therapy that helps minors deal with the same struggles he did. Campaign Life’s director of political operations Jack Fonseca said the videos are essential to counteract the media’s misleading portrayal of “conversion” therapy. “It won’t report on people like Hudson and the others in our video series who can testify to the personal experience of finding healing for therapy and/or spiritual counselling to walk away from an LGBT lifestyle.” Read more

Video Presentation: Medical Tragedies of the Sexual Revolution

Dr Cretella presentation

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) is a national organization of pediatricians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children.

The ACPeds is a scientific medical association of healthcare professionals that advocates for policies that promote the optimal health and well-being of children. Although our members are often cited and interviewed by conservative publications, the ACPeds is not a religious or political organization; it does not inquire about or use an individual’s religious or political identification as criteria for membership.

More about ACPeds HERE

Executive Director, Michelle Cretella, MD, FCP, is the one conducting the video presentation on the harms of the Sexual Revolution by starting off on the medical implications & impact of teenage sexual activity, teenage pregnancy, abortion, homosexual and transgender lifestyle.

Editor’s note: The Ruth Institute first published this information and with permission, DFL has decided to make use of this material.

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Same Sex Attraction

UK – Government drops gender self-ID plans

Originally, the UK government planned in 2018 to remove the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria enabling people to ‘change sex’ by self-identification. The Government has officially dropped its plans to make it much easier for people in England and Wales to change legal sex. Equalities Minister Liz Truss also confirmed the rights for service providers to protect single-sex spaces would remain in place. In April Liz announced that under 18s would be protected from making “irreversible decisions” while “still developing their decision-making capabilities”. At this point it is unclear what is meant by the restrictions and if it means to limit surgery and whether it includes puberty blocking drugs and cross-sex hormones. Read more, Article 1, Article 2

UK – New survey shows people are concerned about teaching LGBT curriculum to kids

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company, shows almost four in ten people agree that it is inappropriate for schools to teach six-year-old boys that “being gay is acceptable”. The survey comes as a law will require all schools in England to teach two new compulsory subjects: Relationships Education in primary schools and Sex and Relationships Education in secondary schools. The survey also shows that 56% of those who practice a religious faith disagreed and 30% of people described as ‘not religious’ also disagreed. Not only does opposition cut across all sections of the public but the percentages are significant and show that the government is out of step with the public. Read more

UK – Organizations face Legal action for misrepresenting the law to give males access to female spaces

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and the Government Equalities Office (GEO) are facing legal action for issuing unlawful guidance which contradicts the Equality Act 2010. Women’s rights organisation the Authentic Equity Alliance (AEA) says that the organisations incorrectly stated that “trans people” or anyone with a gender recognition certificate have an automatic right to enter and use women-only spaces. AEA founder Ann Sinnott, a former Cambridge City Councillor says the “misguidance” has led to disputes as men who say they are women believe they have an absolute right to access female-only spaces. AEA has now told the EHRC and GEO to “provide guidance that is compliant with the law” or face the possibility of a judicial review.

Elsewhere, a judicial review has been launched against the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over its partnership with Stonewall. Earlier this year the CPS withdrew controversial guidance on LGBT hate crimes in schools following legal action by a 14-year old girl who accused it of “misrepresenting the law”. The CPS said it would review the guidance, but the girl told the prosecuting body that its association with Stonewall breaches the law, because while it remains partnered to the LGBT group it cannot be impartial on transgenderism. Her lawyers instructed the CPS to withdraw from Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme in May, but as it has failed to do so, they have now pressed ahead with applying for a judicial review. Read more

UK – Gender clinic trial date set and transgender activists are denied participation

A judicial review date has been set regarding a lawsuit against a London-based gender clinic’s medicalized gender-transitioning of children and teenagers. Susan Evans, a psychiatric nurse and former member of Tavistock, that has filed the lawsuit in part, has voiced repeated concerns that the safety of children being treated at the facility was disregarded in favour of experimental transitioning, and that minors are not cognitively capable of giving informed consent. Keira Bell, a young woman now regrets transitioning as a teen, joined the suit as a claimant in January. Bell says she wasn’t adequately informed of the dangers when she was hormonally transitioned which included both hormones and a mastectomy, and is among the growing number of men and women known as “detransitioners” who say they were physically, mentally and emotionally harmed.

On the other hand, transgender activist groups Mermaids and Stonewall UK have been denied permission to get involved and will not present evidence in the case. The Tavistock clinic has come under increased scrutiny in recent years following a 4,000-fold increase of girls being referred to the gender clinic in the past decade. A BBC Newsnight investigative report in June revealed leaked documents that showed Tavistock staff saying that concerns about patient welfare were shut down. Clinicians there also reportedly expressed concerns that some youth were being fast-tracked into gender-transitioning. Read more

Scotland – Policy wants to allow male nurses in female nurse showers

According to new transgender guidelines published by NHS Lanarkshire in Scotland, women’s toilets, showers and changing rooms can now be used by a male employee living as a woman, even if female members of staff object. Sarah Phillimore, a London barrister who specialises in public law and child protection, described this section of the policy as “Unlawful and coercive.” Campaign group For Women Scotland has written to Scotland’s Health Minister demanding the policy be immediately withdrawn and an investigated. They pointed out how the policy misrepresents the Equality Act, and the Gender Recognition Act, and even frames the mere act of thinking of a male as male as “discriminatory practice”. NHS Lanarkshire has removed the policy from its website. Read more, Letter to Health Minister of Scotland.

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Same Sex Attraction

Australia – Australian Rugby urged to ban men from women’s game

Senator Claire Chandler, a senior politician, issued a demand that Rugby’s governing body in Australia must intervene to stop biological men from playing the women’s game. World Rugby currently allows men to play in the women’s game after twelve months of testosterone reducing treatment. Latest research shows that a reduction of testosterone “does not lead to a proportionate reduction in mass, muscle mass, strength or power”, presenting a “clear safety risk”. It calculates biological male players “are stronger by 25-50%, are 30% more powerful, 40% heavier, and about 15% faster” than women. Rugby Union already has one of the highest incidence of reported injuries in professional team sport. Read more

USA – Censoring medical information critical of total affirming LGBT approach proves to be trending

Retail giant Amazon has removed a book outlining the medical and psychological dangers associated with same-sex sexual acts from its website. Some say it is further evidence of a larger censorship trend. The book, Health Hazards of Homosexuality, compiles data taken from major medical professional groups, the Centers for Disease Control, and other sources, including LGBT medical and advocacy organizations. Amazon also pulled books from authors who exited the LGBT lifestyle. Journalist Abigail Shrier’s book Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters was also disallowed by Amazon. Shrier’s book is an investigative work that scrutinizes the steep rise in teens that transgender. Read more

UK – New study shows more evidence of correlation between autism and transgender

According to a new study by scientists at the University of Cambridge’s Autism Research Centre, transgender and gender-diverse adults are three to six times more likely to be diagnosed as autistic. The research used data from over 600,000 adult individuals and confirms previous smaller-scale studies from clinics. Transgender and gender-diverse individuals were also found to be more likely to have had received diagnoses of mental health conditions, particularly depression. Dr Varun Warrier, who led the study, said that the co-occurrence between being autistic and being transgender and gender-diverse is robust. What is now needed, is to figure out a way to help these individuals. The study did not investigate if one causes the other. Read more

USA – Study makes false claim about children knowing their gender

According to a report by the National Academy of Sciences, transgender children have a sense of their “true gender”, But the study contradicts itself in the following way: The study says some 300 transgender kids prefer toys and clothes that match their gender identity, not their birth sex. Well, of course. The kids surveyed were already either identifying as transgender, so it’s impossible to tell from the study whether their toy and clothing preferences were innate. The results were baked into the cake. The study contradicts itself by saying how transgender feelings can change. How can this study affirm that gender identity is real and valid, while also suggesting that children can later revert back to their sex at birth? Read more Here

USA – Medical professionals take advantage of minor’s emotional immaturity

A recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that provision be made for intervention to “transition” children against their parents’ will. The authors prioritize the developing autonomy of transgender minor’s in the decision-making process. In fact, a range of scientific literature indicates that reinforcing gender confusion is harmful in the long term, and often fails to prevent significant emotional harm up to and including attempted suicide (with or without surgery). Fixating on “gender affirmation” tends to distract from exploring other issues that may be at the root of a patient’s mental or emotional unrest. Minors are emotionally and physically underdeveloped, and unable to fully comprehend what it means to transition.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians has said that Other studies have found that while there is a “honeymoon period” of “reported relief and happiness” following sex change surgery, it does not last. “Ten years beyond transition, however, rates of additional mental illness begin to rise precipitously, to the point that thirty years following surgical transition (mutilation), the suicide rate is 19 times greater than that of the general population.” “Do not be fooled. like all trans youth studies before it, it is a political agenda masquerading as science,” Read more Here, here, here, here and here

USA – Men identifying as transgender females to get access to female prisons

An inmate at Illinois’ largest women’s prison says she was raped by a transgender inmate and that the officials conducted a “sham investigation” to help cover up the incident. Males have been claiming to be transgender females and getting transferred to female prisons. In an attempt to justify the transfers, the officials covered up the sexual assault and tried to falsely classify it as consensual, to keep it from being considered a prison rape. Female inmates are suffering under the so-called transgender laws which attempts to force society to accept the false idea that people can change their genders. Read more

UK – landmark court case could change the way childhood gender dysphoria is treated

A woman who received treatment for Gender Dysphoria (GD) as a teenager says the puberty-delaying drugs and testosterone prescribed to her has caused irreversible damage to her physical and mental health. Keira Bell is now taking Tavistock (gender affirmation clinic) to court. Keira says her transition was a “coping mechanism” and that there was no real investigation into the other mental health issues she was going through. Keira adds that the transition left her feeling more depressed and suicidal and solved nothing. Sky News research suggested that 35 psychologists have resigned from the children’s gender-identity service in three years. Six of them have now raised concerns about hormone treatment being given to children with GD. Read more

Australia – Gender clinics operate with weak evidence

According to a new global watchdog body called, the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM), many mainstream doctors are unaware that children’s hospital gender clinics carry out invasive medical treatments based on low-quality evidence. US physician William Malone, the spokesman for SEGM explained that the best treatment for such children should be found through scientific study, investigation and open debate. There has been an exponential rise in troubled teenagers seeking to transition. Many reportedly come to gender clinics with pre-existing mental health problems, autism, suppressed same-sex attraction, a history of child sex abuse or family trauma, and there is debate about whether they are getting the right treatment. Scrutiny of the transgender “affirmative” treatment model is intensifying, and inquiries or reviews are underway in Australia, the UK, Sweden, Brazil and Germany. Read more | See video one & two

USA – Multiple states respond to transgender laws

Arizona & Ohio state recently passed a “Save Women’s Sports Act” that bans biological males who identify as transgender females from participating in women’s sports. Recent research verifies that even with taking cross-sex hormones, men have an unequivocal advantage since they have stronger bones and greater lung capacity, etc. Alabama passed a bill that criminalizes sex-related surgeries, prescribing opposite sex hormones, and drugs used to arrest puberty to gender-confused youth under the age of 19. It’s reported that England is also expected to drop plans that would have made it easier for people to change their gender amid concerns about the impact on children. Read more: foxnews, Redstate, Dailywire, Lifesitenews

USA – “Gender-neutral” bathroom shuts down after sexual assault on student

A high school in Wisconsin shuttered its inclusive gender-neutral bathroom after an 18-year-old student was arrested for fourth-degree sexual assault of a minor. Fourth-degree sexual assault is defined as “sexual contact with a person without the consent of that person.” Advocates claim gender-neutral bathrooms are more inclusive for people struggling with their sexual identity, but others argue the bathrooms create privacy issues for men and women. Read more

UK – Equalities Minister blasts unapproved LGBT guidance for schools

The Equalities Minister in the UK has rejected claims that were made by the LGBT guidelines document for schools, the minister said that these claims do not reflect government policy. The LGBT guidelines for schools in the UK have falsely claimed the following; that schools have a legal and moral duty to embed LGBT teaching in the curriculum, and the guidelines suggest that schools should ignore the concerns of parents and carers who object. The guidelines document also encouraged schools to ignore advice from groups such as Transgender Trend, A Woman’s Place UK and Fair Play for Women, because these groups do not fully endorse the affirmative approach to gender confusion.  The guidelines document also falsely claims that “refusing a child or young person access to the changing room or toilet of their gender identity would constitute an act of discrimination”. Read more

Romania – Bans gender studies in schools

Similar to its neighbours Hungary and Poland, the Senate of Romania voted in June to ban all studies and courses linked to gender ideology in schools and higher education. The amendment bans “activities spreading the theory or opinions related to gender identity which hold that gender is a separate concept from biological sex and that the two are not always identical.” For the amendment to be made law it has to be signed by President Iohannis. Read more

USA – The dangers of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones

Jane Robbins is an attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School. Recently a piece written by Robbins was published in The Federalist on the topic of transgender youth. In the article Robbins expresses concerns over the youth being experimented on with medical interventions that actually prove to do more harm than good.

Multiple studies show how puberty blockers and cross sex hormones (the same intervention being pushed by the transgender industry on children) disrupt mental health. Women who identify as transgender men receive megadoses of testosterone, enough to raise their levels 10-40 times above the female reference range.  Past studies have documented multiple psychiatric problems — mania, hypomania, major depression, and even psychosis — with similar high doses of anabolic steroids like testosterone.

Estrogen also affects mood in complex ways. Post-menopausal women treated with even normal doses of estrogen often experience severe anxiety. Because men who identify as women receive megadoses of estrogen, this intervention could worsen both anxiety and depression.

“Evidence mounts that these medical interventions increase the risk of stroke, heart disease, blood clots, cancers, and a host of other maladies no young person should ever have to face. They almost certainly result in infertility or sterility and put children on a lifelong path of medicalized warfare against their own bodies. Because there are no long-term studies of the effects of some of these interventions, they constitute a ghoulish experiment on confused but innocent kids.” Read more; The Federalist, Pubmed, Psycheducation

Australia – Court Case could change the rules when it comes to transitioning children

A mother, along with a psychiatric expert who questions the safety of transgender treatments for children, will appear in court against doctors who permitted her son to take opposite-sex hormone drugs. The psychiatric expert said that the gender clinic’s puberty blocker drugs, opposite-sex hormones and surgery for minors who have gender issues overlook deeper and more complex rational and psychological difficulties. The better response would be non-invasive psychotherapy and ‘watchful waiting’.

The growing concern of young adult “detransitioners” who regret medical treatment, evidence that gender clinics have falsely promoted puberty blockers as reversible, the possible role of “social contagion” in teenage transgender declarations, the dangers of “aggressive trans activism”, a failure of media reporting, and “persecution” of parents and practitioners worried about child welfare make this a case to watch. 

The journalist covering the case, Kirralie Smith, said that laws needed to be written taking into consideration all available evidence, science and medical studies. Academics and doctors who do not comply are being threatened and censored. Read more

Canada – calls for national inquiry into increasing number of children transitioning

Derek Sloan, a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership in Canada, is calling for a national inquiry into the increasing number of children undergoing medical “gender transitioning” or “sex reassignment.” Emphasising his position on gender ideology, he said “no one younger than 18 should be allowed to take hormones or get a sex change surgery, and educational systems need to stop pushing one-sided content on this subject at extremely inappropriate ages for students.” Sloan also explained that several governments, including in the United Kingdom and Australia, had already “investigated this trend and taken action on it. There are good reasons for this.” Read more

USA – Federal investigation to be launched on transgender bathroom enabled sexual assault of kindergartener

In November 2017, a kindergarten girl was sexually assaulted in her school bathroom by a boy who was allowed to be there because of that policy. The little girls’ mother Pascha Thomas has filed a federal lawsuit, the first suit in the nation seeking to hold a school district accountable for demonstrable harm inflicted on the girl. The parents of City Schools students warned this kind of thing would happen, and now it has. In June 2020, an investigation done by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights found that the school failed to investigate the assault, tried to sweep the problem under the rug, and actively misled local parents about what had happened and what it meant for their children’s safety. Read more

USA – 14 States consider restricting transgender sports participation

Fourteen states in the USA are considering laws that would restrict transgender sports participation according to the Human Rights Campaign. Legislators adjourned amid the coronavirus pandemic, so actions have not been taken on pending bills. However, special sessions are likely to resume in the coming weeks and it’s possible the transgender bills may receive attention. Transgender athletes were prohibited from competing with women’s sports teams in public schools, colleges, and universities in Idaho after Republican Gov. Brad Little signed a bill into law in March. Attorney General William Barr said that Idaho is not in violation of the Constitution by denying support for biological males which compete against biological females. Read more

USA – Exploiting child suicide to bully parents of transgender kids denies science

Parents are being told that if they do not agree to experimental medical interventions for their transgender children, that their children might commit suicide. In reality, suicide among transgender children are rare, especially when compared to other at-risk groups of youth, such as those with anorexia and autism. More importantly, there is no long-term evidence that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, or “transition” surgeries prevent suicide. On the contrary, the best long-term research shows that people who go through medical transition kill themselves at a rate many times greater than the general population. In no other medical or psychological condition is a suicidal patient — let alone a child — allowed to dictate treatment. Children and adolescents are cognitively immature, and their thinking is further impaired under psychological distress. To proceed with treatment would be gross medical negligence.

Scientific research tells us that youth with gender dysphoria often also suffer depression, anorexia, autism, and other psychological conditions predisposing them to suicide. Self-harm among trans-identified youth may be due to the dysphoria, but maybe not. It could stem from other psychological conditions or a combination of both. If that’s the case, radical chemical and surgical interventions administered to help the patient mimic the opposite sex won’t resolve the underlying psychological problem. Suicide prevention for trans-identified youth is the same as for youth who suffer other psychological distress: talk therapy and Food and Drug Administration-approved psychiatric medications.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reported that 90% of people who die by suicide have an underlying – and potential treatable – mental health condition. One study found that 96% of U.S. adolescents who attempt suicide suffer from at least one mental illness. There is no evidence trans-identified children who commit suicide are any different. In fact, the most up-to-date research shows the effectiveness of psychotherapy for resolving gender dysphoria in children and adolescents.

Swedish child and adolescent psychiatrist Sven Roman and Psychologists Dr. Michael Bailey and Dr. Ray Blanchard agree: There is no persuasive evidence that gender transition reduces the likelihood of gender dysphoric children from killing themselves. Read more

UK – British Broadcasting Corp drops radical transgender info page

The BBC has removed some of UK’s most controversial pro-transgender groups from its online ‘Gender identity’ information page. Links to Mermaids, The Gender Trust, and The Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES), which promote radical transgender ideology, have been replaced with a link to the National Health Service (NHS). Some of these groups provoked outrage after exposing names, telephone numbers, addresses, and deeply intimate details of children’s mental state and medical history online for all to read. The trans group called GIRES also falsely claimed that gender treatments mitigate the symptoms of Autism spectrum disorder. The NHS recently changed its guidance on puberty-blocking drugs to reflect the growing evidence of the dangers posed to children by hormone suppressors. Read more

USA – Study claiming health benefits of gender-affirming treatment say they were wrong

The authors of a study who claimed “gender-reassignment” procedures brought mental health benefits issued a correction to their 2019 findings, admitting that those who have had “gender-reassignment” surgery “were more likely to be treated for anxiety disorders.” The study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry and utilized data from the Swedish Total Population Register, with information from more than 9.7 million Swedes, or about 95% of the country. The claim that gender-affirming treatment improves transgender mental health hinged on the outcomes of only three people from the total dataset of 9.7 million people. Read more

UK – landmark court case could change the way childhood gender dysphoria is treated

A woman who received treatment for Gender Dysphoria (GD) as a teenager says the puberty-delaying drugs and testosterone prescribed to her has caused irreversible damage to her physical and mental health. Keira Bell is now taking Tavistock (gender affirmation clinic) to court. Keira says her transition turned out to be nothing more than a “coping mechanism” and that there was no real investigation into the other mental health issues she was going through. Keira adds that the transition left her feeling more depressed and suicidal and solved nothing.

Sky News research suggested that 35 psychologists have resigned from the children’s gender-identity service in three years. Six of them have now raised concerns about hormone treatment being given to children with GD. The London clinic sees children under 18, including some cases who are as young as three. Around half of children are put on drugs to pause their puberty, known as hormone blockers.

Ms Bell said she found her experience at the Tavistock Centre so distressing that she has since decided to de-transition. “It’s very difficult because you have to live with the physical changes you’ve experienced, especially when it comes to things like surgery,” she said.

“The whole process is really traumatic looking back on it, there’s no going back from it really because you are changed forever visibly.”

Ms Bell’s legal team will argue the centre’s approach was unlawful because children could not give informed consent for this kind of treatment and the potential risks of treatment were not adequately explained.

Scrutiny of the transgender “affirmative” treatment model is intensifying, and inquiries or reviews are underway in Australia, the UK, Sweden, Brazil and Germany. According to a new watchdog body called, the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM), many mainstream doctors are unaware that children’s hospital gender clinics carry out invasive medical treatments based on low-quality evidence. US physician William Malone, the spokesman for SEGM explained that the best treatment for such children should be found through scientific study, investigation and open debate. There has been an exponential rise in troubled teenagers seeking to transition. Many reportedly come to gender clinics with pre-existing mental health problems, autism, suppressed same-sex attraction, a history of child sex abuse or family trauma, and there is debate about whether they are getting the right treatment.

Hundreds of young transgender people are regretting their decision to change their sex as they are now seeking help to return to their original sex, a woman who is setting up a charity has told Sky News. Charlie Evans, 28, was born female but identified as male for nearly 10 years before detransitioning.

Sky reports that the number of young people seeking gender transition is at an all-time high but very little is heard about those who may come to regret their decision.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians has said that Other studies have found that while there is a “honeymoon period” of “reported relief and happiness” following sex reassignment treatment, it does not last. “Ten years beyond transition, however, rates of additional mental illness begin to rise precipitously, to the point that thirty years following surgical transition (mutilation), the suicide rate is 19 times greater than that of the general population.”

Landmark case against Tavistock HERE

Gender clinics operate with weak evidence HERE

Sex-change regret HERE

LIFEalerts Special Edition

21 June 2017

Psychiatrist says transgendered men and women do not become the opposite sex

The homosexual-transgender pressure group Human Rights Campaign and other LGBTQ organisations are trying to discredit Dr. Paul R. McHugh, who was a distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University from 1975 -2001, and also one of the most respected medical and psychiatric authorities’ that debunks transgender ideology. It is an odd accusation to make against one of the most celebrated mental health professionals and researchers alive today. Dr. McHugh, who has studied transgender people for 40 years, said in an article for The Witherspoon Institute, that all such people “become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify”. He also said that it is a scientific fact that “transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men”. Dr. McHugh, who was psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the medical institute that had initially pioneered sex-change surgery – and later abandoned the practice – stressed that the cultural meme, or idea that “one’s sex is fluid and a matter of choice” is extremely damaging, especially to young people. The idea that one’s sexuality is a feeling and not a biological fact “is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges,” said Dr. McHugh in his article, Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme. “Think, for example, of the parents whom no one, not doctors, schools, nor even churches, will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald.” They rarely find therapists who are willing to help them “work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions,” said McHugh. “Rather, they and their families find only ‘gender counsellors’ who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.” There is plenty of evidence showing that “transgendering” is a “psychological rather than a biological matter,” said Dr. McHugh. “In fact, gender dysphoria – the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex, belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder. Its treatment should not be directed at the body as with surgery and hormones any more than one treats obesity-fearing anorexic patients with liposuction,” he said. In fact, at Johns Hopkins, where they pioneered sex-change-surgery, “we demonstrated that the practice brought no important benefits,” said Dr. McHugh. “As a result, we stopped offering that form of treatment in the 1970s.” In recent years, though, the notion that one’s sex is fluid has flooded the culture. It is “reflected everywhere in the media, the theatre, the classroom, and in many medical clinics,” said McHugh. It is biologically false that one can exchange one’s sex, explained McHugh. “The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people – extending over 30 years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of transgendered people – documents their lifelong mental unrest.” “Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to 20 times that of comparable peers,” said McHugh. We need a public uproar for coherent science! http://www.cnsnews.com/blog/michael-w-chapman/johns-hopkins-psychiatrist-transgendered-men-dont-become-women-they-become#.WLfZs29RK3N.facebook https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/lgbt-activists-slam-the-most-important-psychiatrist-of-the-last-half-centur

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