Doctors for Life was instrumental in getting the Constitutional Court of South Africa to rule that the production and/or possession of child pornography is illegal. DFL presented some of the latest research to the court on the effects of pornography on the brains of those who view it. It has been proven that pornographic images are often stored in the brain as real experiences. This has a dramatic impact on behavior and may for a long time since the images are not easily forgotten.

It was decided by the court that, "Child pornography s universally condemned for good reason. It strikes at the dignity of children, It is harmful to children who are used in its production, and it is potentially harmful because of the attitude to child that it fosters and the use to which it can be put in grooming children to engage in sexual conduct".

Doctors for Life offers help and counseling to those who are addicted to any form of pornography. Like any addiction, the craving only grows. In this case, the addict needs to find more lewd and graphic forms of pornography. There is help though. Many have escaped the addiction of pornography and so can you.

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