11th Hour Abortion Helpline

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Discovering you are pregnant may flood you with feelings of dread and despair. You may feel pressurised to have an abortion. Perhaps the pregnancy was planned and you were overjoyed but now you have been given the devastating news that your unborn baby has a serious medical condition. It may seem the only solution for you and your baby is to end the pregnancy.
If you are pregnant and finding it difficult to come to terms with your situation, speaking to someone you can trust can help you through this difficult time. Our 11th Hour Abortion counsellors are waiting to hear from you and support you through this critical time.

11th Hour Abortion Helpline 

English  +27 (0) 73 745 5740  or  +27 (0) 68 034 2735
Zulu      + 27 (0) 72 314 3149

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Post Abortion Syndrome

Women who have had an abortion are more likely to suffer from mental health illnesses compared to women who have not had an abortion1. If you have had an abortion and are feeling depressed, anxious, guilty or having fits of crying you may be suffering from post abortion syndrome. For some women these overwhelming emotions are present immediately after an abortion while for others these emotions develop months or years later. There is a way of hope and healing for you. Don’t hesitate to call an 11th Hour Abortion counsellor who can help you through this difficult time.

1. Reardon, D. (2018). The abortion and mental health controversy: A comprehensive literature review of common ground agreements, disagreements, actionable recommendations, and research opportunities. SAGE Open Medicine, 6, PMCID: PMC6207970.