A cross sectional online survey on the reasons of detransitioning. (Germany)

In a sample of 237 participants, the large majority was female; 217 female (92%) for 20 male respondents (8%). Close to two thirds (65%) transitioned both socially and medically; 31% only socially. Out of the respondents who medically transitioned, 46% underwent gender affirming surgeries. Around half (51%) of the respondents started socially transitioning before the age of 18, and a quarter (25%) started medically transitioning before that age as well.
The most common reported reason for detransitioning was realized that the gender dysphoria was related to other issues (70%). The second one was health concerns (62%), followed by transition did not help the dysphoria (50%), found alternatives to deal with dysphoria (45%), unhappy with the social changes (44%), and change in political views (43%). At the very bottom of the list are: lack of support from social surroundings (13%), financial concerns (12%) and discrimination (10%).