Paedophilia, defined as an adult participating in sexual activity with a child, is endemic in South Africa and around the world. Sex with minors has become a proliferating business. In South Africa alone, there were 45000 child prostitutes in 2013. Children are being sold to brothels, clubs and other illegal venues where they are exploited as modern day slaves.

According to statistics 64514 cases of rape were reported in the 2011/2012 financial year ( the figures for the 2012/2013 current financial year are 66387, but more detailed information is still not available) and approximately 45 percent of the victims were children. In fact research has shown that 50 per cent of South Africa’s children will be abused before the age of 18. What’s more is that a child is raped every three minutes in the country. Legal authorities, as well as academic experts, have put partial blame on some traditional healers for the surge in the number of child rapes. The said healers have advised patients who are HIV positive to have sex with a virgin as a “cure” for the disease. Doctors For Life (DFL) strongly advocates that this criminal practice will not cure HIV/AIDS, but will spread the disease to uninfected children.

Though numerous children are forced into the sex trade on the streets, many are reportedly raped by immediate family members. In response to the growing number of sexual abuse cases against children, the South African government has called for a review of “the legislation governing sexual crimes”. Paedophilia is a heinous crime which must be stopped, not only for the safety and protection of minor children, but for the preservation of the moral fibre of South Africa.

Doctors for Life offers help and counselling to paedophiles who wish to find release from this addictive sexual behavior. We also offer support for the many who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault. Please contact DFL for more information.