New study shatters a long-standing myth about pornography (USA)

Research done by some of the world’s top behavioural addiction experts found that not only porn addicts but also behavioural addicts disapprove of the addiction they are trying to get rid of. Previous studies pushed by Josh Grubbs, created a powerful flawed buzzword that porn problems are likely just due to religious shame or moral disapproval, implicating that porn addiction is not real. Grubbs summed up his views in an extraordinary 2016 Psychology Today article, claiming that porn addiction is nothing more than religious shame, and not related to levels of porn use.
Grubbs and his colleagues never investigated whether other behavioural addicts also experience moral disapproval toward the activity they’re trying to eliminate. Moral disapproval from within themselves is part and parcel of all other behaviour addicts.
This misleading trend has persuaded many sexologists and psychologists that porn addiction is a doubtful concept. They ignored the evidence suggesting that porn addiction is as real as gambling and gaming addiction.