Calls for Scotland to criminalise purchase of sex (UK)

CARE for Scotland is urging the Scottish government to push ahead with legislation that would target the demand side. It accused the Scottish government of “dragging its heels on the issue” and said it should follow the positive example of other countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Canada that have already introduced similar laws penalising sex buyers. The Scottish government should take note of the “positive impact” of sex buyers’ laws in other countries where criminalising the purchase of sex while also mandating support for women who want to leave prostitution behind “ensures a deterrent to exploitation and help for the exploited”. said Michael Veitch of CARE [Christian Action Research and Education] “Claims by some that prostitution causes no harm to women have also been found to be an illusion. The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe has been clear in this regard. To challenge trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation, we should make it a criminal offence to purchase sexual services and ensure that programmes are in place to support women to exit prostitution.