Adolescents’ views on pornography (UK)

After 30 qualitative studies were examined to determine young peoples’ views on pornography, the following conclusions derived:

  • Young people consider porn as normal;
  • They see porn as a tool for pleasure;
  • They see it as a form of information;
  • Young people do become distressed by misogynistic (strongly prejudiced against women), racist, homophobic, transphobic, or violent pornography content;
  • Young people express the need to have trusted adults to discuss their needs with; and
  • The lack of trusted adults causes young people to develop harmful attitudes and unrealistic expectations about sex.


Peterson, A. J., Silver, J. K., Bell, H. A., Guinosso, S. A., & Coyle, K. K.  (2022). Young People’s Views on Pornography and Their Sexual Development, Attitudes, and Behaviors: A Systematic Review and Synthesis of Qualitative Research. American Journal of Sexuality Education, DOI: 10.1080/15546128.2022.2096163