New Peer Reviewed Study Debunks Myth Of Abortion As Normative For Mother (USA)

A study involving close to 8 million pregnancies debunked the notion that abortion is a normal experience for mother, finding that it is rare for a woman to have both births and abortions. Out of 5 million women with at least 1 pregnancy, less than 6% have both births and abortions. Women in the study population almost never used abortion as a means to space their children. CLI president, Charles Donovan, said, “The abortion industry wants America to believe that abortion is a normal experience for mothers. They want to make it acceptable to target vulnerable women and children citing estimates and surveys conducted at abortion centres, to support the narrative that everyone is doing it”. According to the study, these narratives simply aren’t true. By comparison, the frequently cited “turnaround study” in the abortion industry is based on interviews with just 813 women. “Most mothers are not undergoing abortions. We know that instinctively. We know that based on logic. Now we know it based on data.” Key findings from this study are that abortion is not a normative experience, women with both births and abortions have more abortions than births, and abortion is rarely used in healthy families to space out children.