Unborn Children Can Have Dreams, Says Popular YouTuber Dr John Campbell (UK)

John Campbell PhD, a retired nurse educator and YouTuber with 2.4 million subscribers has made an illuminating video on human development highlighting new evidence that children dream in the womb. Dr Campbell said, “when I was a zygote, all the genetics that is in me now, all the potential that is in me now was already there. So we start off as a single cell, quite amazing, but scientifically undeniable.” He showed a series of photos of an unborn child, noting milestones such as cardiac contraction beginning at 3 weeks, stress hormone responses at 18 weeks, and a clear sleep-wake cycle by 30 weeks, with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, alternating with deeper non-REM sleep. “The evidence now” said Dr Campbell Is “indicating quite strongly that from 28-29-30 weeks the child is dreaming. What they dream about of course I don’t think we’ll ever know.”