LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


USA – The American College of Pediatricians comments on Netflix sexualizing young girls

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) condemned one of the most subscribed streaming platforms in the world, Netflix, for the release of a documentary called “Cuties”. The French film sexualizes a group of 11-year-old girls by showing how these girls dance to exploitative music with extremely sexualized ‘dance moves’ such as twerking and grinding. ACPeds, which includes experts in Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking, deems this film not only offensive but also dangerous. 

Dr. Joseph Zanga, ACPeds member and past President of two national pediatric organizations stated, “Fed by soft pornography media such as this, millions of the world’s children (at the age of the “stars” of this film) are groomed and then forced into sex slavery by porn addicts, many of whom will likely be this film’s most enthusiastic viewers. Child Sex Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar criminal industry, which Netflix will encourage by the debut of this film to a receptive, or soon to be receptive, audience.” 

Children today are hurting, and this film sets the stage to exploit and compound the adverse childhood experiences from which far too many youth already suffer. Therefore, Dr. Zanga added, “It is unethical, and perhaps even criminal, for Netflix to contribute to the societal dangers these children already face. Responsible and ethical adults understand that we have a duty to protect our nation’s children. For the sake of our children’s health and wellbeing, this frightening excuse for entertainment must be deleted from Netflix’s schedule as well as from its library.”

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) joins thousands of others in calling out Netflix for allowing such a film on their platform and demands its immediate removal. Read more

UK – Report: Paedophiles on Twitter and Instagram

A London-based group of over 100 parents have begun campaigning to have social media sites like Instagram and Twitter remove the accounts of paedophiles who are reportedly using cheese and pizza emojis as code to share images. The group warned that paedophiles are taking and sharing seemingly innocent pictures of children uploaded by parents in order to pass them around to predators on social media.  An online child protection expert and former member of the British Government’s Council for Internet Safety, John Carr OBE, said that the “horrifying” practise needs to be stamped out by tech companies.  A spokesman for Twitter added: “Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation content. We aggressively fight online child sexual abuse and have heavily invested in technology and tools to enforce our policy. Read more