Incredible numbers and figures of the transgender generation (USA)

Dr Lisa Littmann mentions Gender Dysphoria (GD) “has become a catch-all explanation” for any psychological problem and the promoted treatment is transitioning.

The fact is, however, that years of professional research confirms that 85% of children, suffering from GD, over time become comfortable with their birth-given bodies. In a study conducted in Finland in 2015, results show up to 75% of individuals who claim to have GD are also receiving other psychiatric treatment. In a study done in 2018, 62% of the parents of the affected children, suffer from psychiatric or neuro-developmental disorders prior to GD. In the same year, a study searched 8.8 million electronic medical records and found that there were high rates of psychiatric disorders and suicidal ideation and behaviour in youth six months prior to any sign of gender incongruence.

In a study conducted in Sweden in 2011, after a 30 year follow up, 324 gender reassigned patients showed a suicide rate 1900% higher than the constant population. Nonetheless, both parents and physicians are increasingly bullied and pushed into accepting the transition affirming therapy as they are being confronted with shaming questions like: “Do you want a dead son or a live daughter?”

“Consider the ethics of permanently medicalising a minor for a thought process with an over 85 percent rate of desistance by adulthood and doing so based on a self-diagnosis”. Children being given the right to make life changing decisions at an age where they cannot be expected to grasp the consequences thereof, is not scientifically based and opposes the fundamental base of medical practice.