Emergency Room Visits Increase with Increase Abortions (USA)

A longitudinal Cohort Study done from 1999 till 2015 shows that as abortions increase, so do the abortion-related Emergency Room (ER) visits, especially for chemical abortions. The study took data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 17 states that received state funding for abortions. Based on ICD9 codes (630-639, 634), all ER visits within 30 days after an abortion were analysed, including miscoded visits (e.g. classified as spontaneous abortion/miscarriage). From 1999 – 2015, surgical abortions increased by 560% (from 4479 to 29558), while chemical abortions increased by more than 4000% (from 352 in 2002 to 15279 in 2015). Abortion-related ER visits for surgical abortion increased by 315%, for chemical abortions it increased by 507%. ER visits within 30 days of a chemical abortion grew by more than 850%.