Is surrogacy safe? (USA)

January 18, 2023

Surrogacy pregnancies have an increased risk for adverse obstetric outcomes. In a study done among American woman, compared to non-surrogate pregnancies, surrogate mothers reported more complications during their surrogacy pregnancies such as hypertension, preeclampsia/eclampsia, and haemorrhaging. After the pregnancy they reported complications such as a degenerated disc, embolism, and postpartum depression. The chance of having … Read more

Potential public health consequences of liberalising cannabis legislation (South Africa)

January 18, 2023

Laws that increase access to cannabis will have public health consequences including respiratory health, traffic-related injuries, and the mental health of vulnerable populations.Evidence highlights safety concerns that cannabis causes damage to the developing brain. Cannabis use can damage the brain to such an extent, that even after years of abstinence the damage is still present … Read more

Cannabis use amongst substance use disorder patients with ADHD (South Africa)

January 18, 2023

According to a recent study published in the South African Journal of Psychiatry, Attendion Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is more common amongst patients who use cannabis than amongst patients seeking other substance abuse treatments. ADHD is a common childhood neurodevelopmental disorder characterised by early onset of impairing levels of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsiveness. The study … Read more

Cannabis exposures reported to the Poison Information Helpline (South Africa)

January 18, 2023

South Africa decriminalised the use of cannabis for private use in a Constitutional court ruling during September 2018. An observational study, of cannabis exposures reported to the Poison Information Helpline in the Western Cape. the University of Witwatersrand found that coinciding with the court ruling there was a threefold increase in cases reported to the … Read more

Abortion and Women’s Health: An evidence-based review for medical professionals of the impact of abortion on women’s physical and mental health.

November 21, 2022

Written by Dr Greg Pike, the evidence-based review “Abortion and Women’s health”, reveals the horrific impact abortion can have on the mental health of women. Key findings include: A woman who undergoes an abortion is 6 times more likely to commit suicide than a woman who gives birth A woman who undergoes an abortion is … Read more

More Funding for Suicide Prevention Among Inuit (Canada)

November 21, 2022

Natan Obed, president of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, and Patty Hajdu, minister of Indigenous Services, annonced on Parliament Hill in Ottawa that the canadien federal government is pouring $11 million into a national strategy aimed at preventing suicide among Inuit. The National Inuit Suicide Prevention Strategy (created in 2016) estimates suicide rates in Inuit five to … Read more

Survey: Biologists Overwhelmingly Agree that Human Life Begins at Fertilisation (UK)

November 21, 2022

A survey of 5 577 biologists in 2018 show that 96% of respondents agreed that human life begins at fertilisation. Steve Jacobs who conducted the survey said “the majority of the sample identified as: Liberal: 89% Pro-choice: 85% Non-religious: 63%” Source

Ex-Transgender Teen Recounts ‘Horrifying’ Experience of Transition Surgery (USA)

November 21, 2022

Chloe Cole was 15 years old when she agreed to let a “gender-affirming” surgeon remove her healthy breasts. Her “brutal” transition from female to male was anything but the romanticised “gender journey” that was portrayed. “They guilted my parents into allowing them to do this”. They said, “Either, you’ll have a dead daughter or an … Read more

Dangerous Deception: Not Telling Your Doctor About Abortion Pill Use Increases Health Risk (USA)

November 16, 2022

A new analysis of 423 000 confirmed abortions debunks the common abortion industry narrative that “there is no medical reason to tell a doctor about an abortion”. The analysis revealed that if a pill-related abortion is miscoded as a natural miscarriage in the emergency department, the woman was twice as likely to be admitted for surgery … Read more