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Same Sex Attraction

Scotland – Judicial review against Scottish Ministers granted for redefining woman

The Court of Sessions granted permission on 16 October 2020 for a Judicial Review to proceed against Scottish Ministers for redefining “woman” and a substantive hearing has been set for 7th January 2021. For Women Scotland (FWS) is a network of women across Scotland campaigning against the Scottish Ministers. FWS believes the bill is fundamentally flawed and the Scottish Ministers acted unlawfully and in contravention of their duties under equality legislation which led to the Scottish Parliament exceeding its legislative competency in redefining “woman”. The bill does not require people to dress, look or behave in any particular way, but just using female pronouns and a female name on legal documents would be enough evidence of being female. Read more

USA – Physical interventions on minors to “affirm” a mistaken “gender identity” violate sound medical ethics

Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. is a Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy. He writes on how a growing number of children in America and across the world are experiencing deep discomfort with their biological sex, known as gender dysphoria. Activists are trying to ban a psychological approach to help these children accept their bodies rather than irreversibly changing it with hormones and amputation of healthy body parts, by accusing practitioners of using abusive and harmful techniques. But they never provide credible evidence, and the therapy bans they support don’t target harmful practices. Sexual progressive activists really oppose being comfortable with one’s body.

“As a result, one-on-one counselling to help a teen struggling with body image due to anorexia would be permitted, but the very same counselling would be prohibited if the goal is to help a teen struggling with body image due to gender dysphoria. Activists use emotionally charged language, labelling all such techniques “conversion therapy.” They do not apply this label only to certain discredited techniques (such as electro-shock therapies), but to any therapeutic service—including basic talk therapy—to help a gender dysphoric youth feel comfortable without “transitioning.””

“The best outcome is always for people to feel comfortable in their own skin and with their sexuality. So why ban that intended goal? Indeed, even if one thought that sometimes “transitioning” was the best outcome for a particular patient, is it really credible to say that it is always the best—indeed the only legally permissible—outcome to work towards? It is absurd to pass laws banning therapy aimed at wholeness when we lack laws protecting children from actual unethical and harmful procedures in this area. As a preliminary point, the best available empirical studies show no benefit of either hormonal or surgical transition. But whatever one may think about the ethics of medical professionals’ “transitioning” adults, everyone should be able to agree that adults should not interfere with the natural, healthy development of the bodies and minds of children” Read more

South Africa – Same-sex couple discriminates against Beloftebos wedding venue owners

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has allegedly instituted an unfair discrimination case against Beloftebos wedding venue. Beloftebos indicated that it does not host same-sex weddings at the venue and, in doing so, they would violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Beloftebos owners also prohibits hosting events which celebrate Halloween, and events which request fortune telling booths etc. The same-sex couple is asking the court for a broad order, declaring that “the expression of religious beliefs as a basis on which to refuse to associate with or conduct business with a same-sex couple, constitutes hate speech and/or discrimination” in terms of the Equality Act.

If the Court were to make such an order, it would have broad implications – not only for Beloftebos, but for any business, organisation or even a private individual! Currently, Beloftebos is still waiting on the SAHRC, the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) and the Minister of Justice, to deliver their response to Beloftebos. According to the SAHRC, the reason for their delay is the Commission’s “need to meet with the Minister’s legal team to strategize on our approach”. Beloftebos’ attorneys have written to the SAHRC to express their “astonishment” at the SAHRC’s express admission in this regard – not only because the SAHRC and the Minister are (supposed to be) independent parties to the dispute, but also because the SAHRC is an independent Chapter 9 institution mandated to protect all citizens against abuse, including abuse by other organs / persons of State.  However, it is clear from the SAHRC’s response that it is in fact “strategizing” with the Minister against the very citizens the Commission is supposed to protect! This caucusing only serves as confirmation of the unfairness with which the SAHRC has been treating Beloftebos to date. Read more

South Africa – President Ramaphosa forces conscientious objectors to violate their beliefs

In a sad turn of events, president Ramaphosa has signed the 2020 Civil Union Amendment Act which forces marriage officers who object because of their deeply held beliefs, to solemnise a civil union between persons of the same sex. The laws follow a number of high-profile cases where a marriage officer refused to solemnise a same-sex couple. Constitutional law expert Pierre De Vos said that the change will finally bring an end to a “particularly egregious form of unfair discrimination” but now the law discriminates against individuals who seek to be faithful to their beliefs. It follows to expect more such forceful laws on conscientious objectors in other areas of society. Read more

Canada – Former homosexual man pleads with government not to criminalize therapy

Canada’s Members of Parliament (MP’s) are being urged not to pass Bill 8 – reintroduced by the by the liberals in October as Bill C-6 – which would criminalize conversion therapy for minors who struggle with same-sex attraction or transgender inclinations. A Canadian man in a series of videos pleads with MP’s not to criminalise therapy that helps minors deal with the same struggles he did. Campaign Life’s director of political operations Jack Fonseca said the videos are essential to counteract the media’s misleading portrayal of “conversion” therapy. “It won’t report on people like Hudson and the others in our video series who can testify to the personal experience of finding healing for therapy and/or spiritual counselling to walk away from an LGBT lifestyle.” Read more