Webinar: 2020 THC Webinar with CMDA on re-opening Churches amid COVID-19

This 1-hour joint webinar of the Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) and The Hendricks Center (THC) – Dallas Theological Seminary, discusses the topic of re-opening churches safely & effectively amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the science that it involves.

Vaccines, its safety, and the issue of using fetal cell lines in vaccines, is another topic covered in this webinar that will give an understanding on the topic. Finally, a Q&A session ensues between participants and speakers.

The two speakers are:

  1. Stephen Ko, Former Professor of the global health and Pediatrics at Boston University, Medical Officer for the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Pastor of Three Stone church in NY city, Also Adjunct faculty for Missions at the Alliance of theological Seminary.
  2. Dr Jeff Barrows, Senior Vice President of Bioethics & Public Policy concentrates on OB/GYN & has a master’s degree in Bioethics from the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (sister school to Dallas Theological Seminary). From CMDA.

The views expressed in this webinar reflects the views of Doctors For Life International.