March for Life grows every year

  • Katherine Meek shared how her mother was warned by her gynaecologists that her pregnancy would result in a severely deformed baby because they were certain she had “spina bifida” and advised her that she should abort the baby as soon as possible. Specialists confirmed this a number of times. However, Catherine’s mother chose to give her baby “a chance to live”. The specialists warned her mother that the complications of her baby would “bankrupt” her family. Nevertheless, she chose life. When Catherine was born the delivery room was filled with doctors and there was total silence when she was born. Her mother asked what was wrong and a doctor replied: “Nothing, your baby is perfect”. Today, Catherine is assisting HIV women in Gauteng.
  • Mrs Charmaine Stuart-Steer & Ms Luanda Hlela shared how they almost aborted their babies. Both were carrying their lovely babies on stage.
  • Pastor Flip Benham from North Carolina also addressed the audience. He was the one who helped Norma McCorvey, the “Roe” in the infamous Roe vs Wade case in 1973 which legalised abortion in the USA, to become a Christian and an enthusiastic pro-lifer.
  • The marchers walked 4km around Gateway shopping mall and included many children, teens and even the elderly (including a determined 87 year old granny) of many different races and church backgrounds. The National march for Life is trying to get rid of such passivity in society and is open to all people from various organizations, as well as individuals and churches who demand the right of unborn human persons to full protection of the law. NAL provides a forum for all interested parties to come together and combine their efforts in order to raise awareness. The March For Life has been taking place for a number of years now and each year sees more interest from organizations and the media. Science has proven that life starts at the earliest beginnings of a human embryo and that very first cell contains all the information that makes the embryo a new, unique human being. The embryo is a person, containing all the genetic information about the hair and eye colour; the shoe size; how tall that person will be; whether they will be sportier or more academic or both etc. It will always be the weakest and most vulnerable of society that are taken advantage of and that is also true for an unborn baby. Just because they cannot stand up and speak for themselves does not mean we or their mothers have the right to decide if they may live or die. 001 002 003 004 005 006  ]]>