UN Bureaucrats Pick Fight with EU Parliament on Prostitution (USA)

A new UN report counters that “any forms of criminalization of prostitution, including criminalization of clients and ‘third parties’ related activities” ultimately harms prostitutes. Besides standing in opposition to the European Parliament, the UN report is out of step with the UN General Assembly’s own recommendations to fight trafficking, according to Marcel van der Watt, Director of the Research Institute at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. He said a 2022 resolution of the global body called on governments to clamp down on sex buying. The UN human rights report omits or ignores a “vast” body of research that proves this definitively, according to the South African researcher. He also found it odd that the UN report did not mention policies to help women escape prostitution or address the links between the pornography industry, prostitution, and sex trafficking in women and children. The EU Parliament draws connections between prostitution, trafficking, pornography, and violence against women. While it criticizes criminal penalties for prostitutes themselves, it casts legalized prostitution in a negative light citing Europol reports that show a tenfold increase in trafficking where prostitution is legal.