State failing to shield women prostitution (South Africa)

If the government is not implementing the wishes of the people, and it most certainly is not, whose agenda is it imposing on South Africans? Clearly, that of the politically correct international community, or the New World Order! Our government pays lip service to democracy and the will of the people. But survey after survey has shown that the majority reject abortion, pornography and support the death penalty. Human dignity is also devalued by the legalisation of pornography. Prostitution is not about glamour and freedom of career choice. It is about deception, enslavement, brutality and suffering. Prostitutes are ruthlessly exploited by pimps who enrich themselves from their earnings. In addition, young girls are being drawn into prostitution. The average age of children entering prostitution is 12! Most runaways are drawn into prostitution within 48 hours of arriving in Hillbrow. Prostitution, even legalised prostitution, is in conflict with a number of sections of SA’s constitution. Section 13 says: “No one may be subjected to slavery, servitude or forced labour.” Section 12 talks among others, the freedom from being treated in a degrading way, freedom from all forms of violence and torture, and that women have the right to control over their own bodies. But all these rights are violated! Unfortunately, just like in the case of gender-based violence, our women do not speak with one voice, or sing from the same hymn book!