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USA – Twitter sued for refusing to remove child porn images

Recently, Pornhub was dropped by major credit card companies, after a legal battle with numerous sex abuse survivors exposing the porn site for failing to remove the victims’ abuse videos. Now another child sex abuse victim is suing Twitter. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center (NCOSE), The Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm jointly filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter on behalf of a minor who was trafficked on the social media platform that boasts more than 330 million users. At age 16, Plaintiff John Doe was horrified to find out sexually graphic videos of himself — made at age 13 under duress by sex traffickers — had been posted to Twitter. Peter Gentala, from NCOSE said “Despite its public expressions to the contrary, Twitter is swarming with uploaded child pornography and Twitter management does little or nothing to prevent it.” “Twitter clearly needs to properly address the egregious issues of exploitation and abuse happening throughout its platform. We hope that John Doe receives some measure of justice and that this lawsuit will pave the way for other survivors to seek justice,” Gentala said. More

USA – California says that kids aged ten can consent to sex with adults

U.S. State California has said that kids aged ten can consensually have sex with adults and President Biden is in full support for of this. But science and basic biology and psychology disagree. Young children can’t understand sex or its role in relationships, and the images they see can leave a lasting impression. It’s a basic premise of marketing that what we watch, read and direct our attention toward influences our behaviour. And, as any marketer knows, sex sells. According to Melissa Henson, a program director for the Parents Television Council, Hollywood is ignoring the huge demographic of families because they simply aren’t interested in programming for families. Now we see parents and children watching hypersexualized entertainment together.

Research shows that children who are exposed to sexually explicit material and in other media tend to want to engage in these behaviours themselves. This does not translate to them being at all developmentally ready, nor are they emotionally, socially or intellectually ready for sex with peers or even more so with adults. Therefore, to support child-adult sex can amount only to support for child sexual abuse and for obvious reasons this is problematic and even criminal.

Article, Pandemic boredom: Many parents watch increasingly sexualized content with their kids, Overexposed and Under-Prepared: The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content, Long-term consequences of early sexual initiation on young adult health: A causal inference approach.