Emthaleni Child and Youth Care Centre

It is with much joy and excitement that we can now show you the most recent initiative at the Emthaleni Centre – a vegetable garden! Besides Emthaleni the garden will also provide vegetables for five of our other centres that are in the surrounding area. We will hopefully also be able to generate a small income by selling these much needed nutritious vegetables to the community! We would like to extend a big thank you to Mr Gert de Vries for all of his hard work in getting the project going. At the same time the orphans are being taught an agricultural skill project which the surrounding community can also benefit from. Thank you to all of our donors! Without you this exciting project would not have been possible! God bless you all! I am looking forward to keeping you all updated. The chicken project has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of bird flu in South Africa and the escalating costs of chicken food due to a drought. We trust that we will be able to tackle the task once again after these difficulties are behind us! Karen van Eeden (Project Manager) +27 824386078]]>