2016 Annual Report


By Gods grace thousands of lives in Southern Africa were impacted during this past year. We are sincerely thankful for the privilege to play our small role in this. Free medical examinations and treatment, dental care, pre-and post natal care, vaccinations, optometry and eye care is just some of the basic, yet often life saving services provided free of charge. The eye surgery program has become one of our main focus areas with the medical services we offer. The focus here is preventable blindness for example cataract and trachoma surgery. Through this program, we were able to assist many blind people to see again. These individuals’ lives are changed in a dramatic way because of this. By curing blindness through surgery people can do basic things like, cooking, eating, walking, planting, washing, reading and driving again. They are also being able to work again, teach and live productive lives in their communities while making meaningful contributions to the society.

We would therefore like to thank you for your assistance, whether financially or through prayer, during past year. We could help so many that were needy. Your contributions enabled us to render a quality medical service to the under-privileged in remote regions. It is with much appreciation that we send you this 2016 Annual report for the Medical Outreach Program (section I) and the Sihane Clinic and Maternity Ward in Zavora, Mozambique (section II). With thankfulness, Johan Claassen

Medical Outreach Program

Medical Accomplishments

By Gods grace Doctors For Life International (DFL) could reach out to 3 Southern African countries this year: Botswana, Malawi and Mozambique. In Botswana and Malawi the focus was primarily on cataract and trachoma eye surgery. We also assisted a large number of people with eye glasses in Malawi. In Mozambique however, general medical care and eye glasses only was provided in about 3 remote and rural areas north of our Sihane clinic, that we used as a base. The areas were:

  1. Molepolole/Mahalapye in Botswana
  2. Chikuluma, Phalombe in Malawi
  3. Mambala, Mbonchera in Malawi
  4. Three (3) Small Districts in Inhambane province (Ligogo, Cumbana and Muvamba) in Mozambique

During the above missions DFL had the following achievements: * 378 surgical procedures of which 339 were cataract and 14 trachoma. This excludes approximately 100 extra sponsored cataract surgeries that would bring the total to 478 * 744 patients received prescription eye-glasses (dark, distance and reading) (This was 698 in 2015) * 1154 eye and general examinations. This excludes the 1000s that were screened in Botswana prior to the mission there. (1064+ in 2015) * 60 dental patients (474 in 2015)

Construction, maintenance and general improvements

A number of improvements and changes have been made at the DFL clinic and property during the past year. Most of these were sponsored by friends and family members of our fulltime medical staff working at the Sihane clinic. They came to volunteer their time and did most of the work themselves for which we are thankful. Some of these included:

  1. Two new car ports were added to protect equipment and vehicles from the blistering heat of the sun.
  2. Improved accommodation, concrete steps, electricity and security.
  3. Some paintwork were done at the clinic.
  4. Improved, repainted and changed workshop area.
  5. Improved medical storage area.
  6. Erected fence around whole clinic and property.
  7. Improved fruit and vegetable garden to grow food for staff.

We examined and treated about 21486 patients at our Zavora clinic during 2016. The quaterly reports showed: 1st quarter = 5748 patients 2nd quarter = 5962 patients 3rd quarter = 5405 patients 4th quarter = 4371 patients This is comparable to the amount of patients (21752) we had in 2015. During 2014 we saw 18229 and 12916 during 2013. Malaria positive cases remains to be high and the higest since the opening of the clinic. Diarrhoea is much lower due to the fact that these do not include diarrhoea caused by malaria or other diseases. In the past the diarrhoea would include these.

6008 Malaria cases (5597 in 2015, 4076 in 2014 and 5468 in 2013)
1st semester = 1446
2nd semester = 1796
3rd semester = 1497
4th semester = 1269

29 HIV cases – (19 in 2015, 67 in 2014, 68 in 2013)
1st semester = 5
2nd semester = 11
3rd semester = 8
4th semester = 5

245 Diarrhoea cases – (632 in 2015, 523 in 2014, 306 in 2013)
1st semester = 31
2nd semester = 82
3d semester = 73
4th semester = 59

3115 Vaccinations
1st – – – – –
2nd 891
3d 1113
4th 1111

Approximately 300 Eye Glasses
1st semester = —–
2nd semester = —–
3d semester = 150
4th semester = 100

3049 Wound care (1165 in 2015, 669 in 2014)
1st semester = 696
2nd semester = 836
3d semester = 838
4th semester = 679

There was also an increase in live births.

263 Babies were delivered compared to 241 in 2015, 231 in 2014, and 208 in 2013.
1st semester = 93
2nd semester = 57
3d semester = 71
4th semester =

42 MMI has basically sponsored the safe births of approximately 1282 babies since the official opening of the maternity ward in 2009.