DFL Sihane (Zavora) Clinic

We bring together medical professionals to form a united front to uphold the following three principles:

  • The sanctity of life from fertilization till death;
  • Sound science in the medical profession;
  • A Basic judeo-christian ethic in the medical profession.

Membership Offers Our Members

  • A credible mouth-piece to air their views
  • A platform to live out their convictions in society
  • Scientific arguments on important issues (e.g. abortion, cloning, euthanasia, pornography, prostitution etc.)
  • Legal representation for their rights as a health professional
  • The opportunity to adopt a pet topic and represent DFL in the media and on other occasions
  • CPD lectures & points on medical ethics
  • Involvement in action areas
  • Newsletters
Dr Paul Zuidema greets patients at Zavora
The Late DR Paul Zuidema at Zavora Clinic, Mozambique

Doctors for Life International Executive Board Members

Management and Finances

Our Management

Doctors For Life is managed by the Doctors For Life Executive Board and a full-time CEO, Dr Albertus van Eeden. He is assisted by about 15 full-time staff and a large group of volunteers from South Africa and other countries.

Our Finances

  • Doctors For Life is dependent on donations from its members and other donors, including churches and private individuals
  • The finances are managed by a bookkeeper and audited by an authorized financial services provider, Colenbrander Inc. in Pietermaritzburg.

Banking Details:

Doctors For Life Trust
ABSA Cheque Account
Branch code: 632005
Account number: 4058355946