Is decriminalised prostitution ANC government’s job creation plan? (South Africa)

Justice and Constitutional Development Deputy Minister, John Jeffery, released a statement indicating he has begun a series of consultative meetings to discuss the possible decriminalisation of prostitution. The statement says that the SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC) released its Report on Adult Prostitution in 2017 saying the topic needs to be further debated. However, Mr Jeffery failed to explain why Cabinet felt the possible decriminalisation of [prostitution] should be further debated since nowhere in the SALRC Report is decriminalised [prostitution] recommended as decent or productive work”. Paragraph 46 of the SALRC Report states: “The Commission agrees with Doctors for Life that criminalisation of prostitution provides a legal mechanism to remove a prostitute from coercive circumstances and to provide her with an opportunity to enter rehabilitation, training and reintegration programmes”.