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USA – Abortion clinic asks women for their aborted babies in medical research

A New Mexico late-term abortion clinic has partnered with the University of New Mexico by donating body parts of aborted babies to be used in medical research. The clinic started issuing consent forms to mothers for their babies to be used in medical research. The original consent form only included one sentence concerning the donation of the babies’ bodies without providing any further details. In the winter of 2015/2016, the abortion clinic began using a new form. This form provides an entire page of information on the donation of aborted babies for research. Since implementing this new form, the donation of aborted babies to the university dropped drastically. More

UK – Medics call for an end to abortion pills by post

In an open letter, more than 600 medics call for an end to the controversial ‘pills in the post’ abortion scheme introduced at the start of COVID-10 lockdown. The letter cited evidence that some pills mailed after phone or online consultations were used when foetuses were beyond the stipulated ten-week limit – and even after the 24-week upper limit for surgical abortions. They argue that the new rules also made it easier for men to coerce women into abortions against their will and failed to protect girls who were being abused by adults, or women trafficked into prostitution. The medics are supported by several Tory MPs, including Scott Benton, who said: ‘This not a debate about abortion itself, it is about ensuring women are safe.’ More

USA – New peer-reviewed study refutes abortion as “essential” for child- spacing

A new peer-reviewed study by the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI), the second in a series of  peer-reviewed studies from CLI, shows that when a woman’s first pregnancy ends in abortion, it decreases the likelihood that any upcoming pregnancy will result in birth. They also found that for both women with and without abortions between children, healthy child- spacing intervals can be attained without resorting to abortion, and were within the recommended guidelines of 18 to 60 months. The paper is published online in the peer-reviewed Journal of Primary Care and Community Health. This research confirms the exact opposite of what abortion-supportive academics, including those at the American Public Health Association and the American College of OB-GYNs have asserted for decades. More, 2nd Series research.

South Africa – High Court claims being wanted or unwanted decides humanity of the unborn

On 26 March 2021, the Pretoria High Court handed down its judgment in The Voice of the Unborn Baby court case declaring that grieving parents of miscarried babies “have the right to bury the dead child”. However, parents of unborn babies that were lost due to medical negligence and abortion was denied. According to the court’s ruling, the humanity of wanted babies is recognised and protected when they are wanted but unwanted (aborted) babies are denied their humanity. The remains of unwanted babies are not ‘human’ but medical waste. The only difference between the remains of wanted and unwanted babies who died before live birth is their mother’s preference. More

Tanzania – Commences crack down on abortion pills

The Tanzanian government will begin cracking down on pharmacies and other establishments selling emergency contraceptive pills, commonly known as P2, and abortion pills (misoprostol) without prescription. Ms Elizabeth Shekalaghe, the Registrar of the Pharmacy Council recognized that dangerous tablets such as misoprostol and P2 are being used contrary to government’s intentions. They are encouraging members of the public to report establishments that are selling medicines illegally. This follows a complaint made by citizens that say the government have failed to protect them against these medicines because young people are using them incorrectly. More