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Sexual Exploitation

World – Epilogue on the Archives of Criminology

Human trafficking is yet another type of crime whose meaning and expression are both relative and evolutive.  Palermo Protocol is where the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) advocate three main approaches: prosecution, protection and prevention strategies.  Canada and the US have a fourth P which stands for partnership to build capacity at local, regional and national levels for combating human trafficking.  Despite an increasing push towards the protection of victims, the literature on the subject shows an ongoing disproportionate emphasis on the offender’s prosecution.  Finally, prevention has been touted as a more effective and efficient response than prosecution.  Without participation, the response to human trafficking will not be evolutive. More

South Africa – Cops nabbed after sex trafficking victim ‘raped repeatedly’

The Hawks have arrested two senior members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) for their alleged role in a sex trafficking operation in Vereeniging, south of Johannesburg. According to the elite crime-busting unit, the two suspects were regulars at an unidentified brothel where a missing woman was being held hostage and used as a sex slave. Instead of abiding by their oath and coming to her rescue, the officers – a brigadier and captain, forced themselves on the woman, raping her on multiple occasions and paying money to the brothel owner. The DPCI [Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation] is committed to tackling this scourge in collaboration with our partners in government and civil society. Instead of decriminalizing prostitution, the focus should be aimed at dealing with corrupt officials like these. More

UK – COVID shuts down UK red light district

When the Covid pandemic hit the number of sex workers plummeted by 50% and caused the UK’s first red light district to shut down. The Holbeck Managed Approach scheme launched in 2014 and was the only place in the country where on-street sex work was legal. This initiative hoped to make is safer for the women but locals objected because the sexual activity invaded their streets. The scheme officially closed last year following the emergency measures introduced by the Safer Leeds Partnership as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Recommendations that ban kerb crawling and punters on foot have also been adopted. Men preying on vulnerable women in street prostitution are no longer welcome or tolerated in Holbeck. More

Mozambique – Prison wardens force inmates into prostitution

The Centre for Public Integrity (CIP) reported recently how guards at the Ndlavela Women’s Prison in Maputo are sexually exploiting inmates by selling the women to clients for money, which the wardens then pocket for themselves. Those who complied were offered special treatment in jail, but those who did not were “tortured,” the CIP said. The sexual exploitation has been going for more than a decade. Justice Minister Helena Kida visited the prison and ordered an urgent government inquiry, the findings of which are expected soon. More