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World – Country and U.S. state-wide developments on abortion

Here is a list of abortion legislation developments that took place in February this year. Goldsmith becomes 19th city in Texas to ban abortion within its limits. Tennessee state introduced a bill in which allows fathers to prevent an abortion. South Carolina state Governor signed into law that abortions are banned when the baby’s heartbeat can be detected but was blocked by planned parenthood lawsuit. South Dakota’s bill that requires doctors who deliver babies after a failed abortion attempt is to give them the same care they would any other baby was signed into law. Arizona, Florida and Northern Ireland are advancing similar legislation to end abortion up to birth for babies with disabilities which include down’s syndrome, cleft lip and club foot.

Australia has launched a bill to protect babies born alive after a failed abortion. Indiana House Lawmakers showed overwhelming support for a bill that is heading to the senate which would ensure that mothers receive information about their unborn baby’s development and the abortion pill reversal procedure before going through with an abortion. Arkansas passed a bill that bans abortions unless it would save the mother’s life and is heading to the Republican-controlled state House, which is expected to approve it as well.

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