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Sexual Exploitation

Israel – Men who buy sex will attend workshops to learn how this harms them and women

Instead of fining first-time offenders caught soliciting prostitutes, Israel’s Labour, Social Affairs, and Social Services Ministry will begin rehabilitation workshops which focus on the inherent harm that comes with prostitution for both the prostitutes and the buyers of sex. Designated apartments have been set aside for women survivors of prostitution and their children to help them start new lives. Currently there are 13 centers for teenage and young prostitute survivors and 3 centers for older women. This program includes financial aid, a therapeutic program that prepares them for integration in employment and an educational program to help women develop academic and employment skills.

A survey found that, on average, 26,500 transactions for prostitution are made each day, and that a woman prostitute has to meet with an average of five and a half customers per day. Another finding was that 62 percent of women working as prostitutes in Israel are mothers. Many of the women expressed a desire to get out of prostitution; more than 76 percent said they would leave prostitution if they could and 71 percent said they remained prostitutes due to financial troubles. Since 2010, at least 104 women prostitutes have died, at the average age of 40. More

USA – The rise of sugar dating in Ottawa

University students are exploring the complicated world of trading time and affection for money and presents. Cate Newman talked to one student about her dates with older men, and local experts who claim sugar dating is on the rise. One girl nick-named Jess, said after trying it out that although it seemed fun to try out at first, she wouldn’t do it again. She’s not well off and recognizes the exploitation side of sugar dating. Ottawa is the 10th most lucrative city in North America for sugar dating. Carleton University has the fifth fastest growing sugar baby population of all Canadian universities with 414 students registered, while the University of Ottawa is ranked 10th with 390. 

According to personal reports of former sugar babies and the tragedy of deaths, the world of “sugar dating” is a candy-coated version of prostitution. While the exchange of sex for money is not explicitly stated, the expectation is clear. Wealthy, older men (and sometimes women) offer to “spoil” younger women (or sometimes men) with gifts, money, and trips, in exchange for their time and attention. This transactional dating is glamorized on the numerous sites that promote the practice. Photos of beautiful young women on the arms of handsome, silver foxes paint a sexy, enticing picture. But the reality is often far different. And far darker. The dangers are real especially since anonymity plays a role, this can often involve married older men, the possibility can also be that there is a con man or a psychopath. These situations describe the inherent dangers of prostitution as well and although numerous media articles seek to argue that there is a ‘clear difference’ between sugar dating and prostitution, there really is not. Article 1, Article 2.