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UK – Top medical bodies: Don’t pressure women to have abortions

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, the Royal College of Midwives, and the Society and College of Radiographers have come together advising all medical professionals not to pressure pregnant women into having abortions if their unborn child is diagnosed with a possible disability. This comes as a response to the growing number of reports from women facing such pressure. Women report that their decisions continue pregnancy is challenged by staff, pressured into changing their minds, and they get asked repeatedly if they would consider abortion or more tests. The statement says that the choice of parents should be respected and accepted, not pressured into changing their minds. More

USA – A new lawsuit against NY abortion bill claims it enables domestic violence

A class action lawsuit was filed recently against Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo and other state officials. The plaintiffs are women who are victims of domestic abuse. Plaintiffs claim the new definition of the Reproductive Health Act incentivizes domestic violence by removing criminal penalties for the death of unborn children who die because their mothers were threatened or abused. The Act no longer considers an unborn child as a victim of homicide and therefore escalates the threat of harm to women. The women are being represented by attorneys who are serving as special counsel to the Women’s Alliance Against Violence, an initiative of the Thomas More Society that challenges laws endangering women and children. More

USA – Ohio state bans telemed DIY abortion pills

Senate Bill 260 was signed into law on January 9th which bans Ohio doctors from prescribing abortion-inducing drugs through the use of telemedicine. According to the FDA, 22 women died from a range of complications induced by the abortion drugs as part of the greater 2,740 cases of reported complications associated with the abortion drugs. Using telemedicine will likely promote the unsupervised and dangerous sale of abortion drugs to women all over the world with no physician oversight. Victims of human trafficking and pedophilia are also a vulnerable group that the abortion industry will help in hiding their crimes through telemedicine usage. More

World – Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Abortion remains world’s #1 cause of death

Globally, abortion has remained the major cause of death in 2020 for unborn children when compared to all deaths from cancer, malaria, HIV/AIDS, smoking, alcohol, and traffic accidents combined. Statistics, according to the respected Worldometer website, show how COVID-19 deaths in 2020 reached 1.8 million – which is still a devastating number. According to the Guttmacher Institute, abortions worldwide are estimated to be around 121 million abortions between 2015 and 2019. Which means that 73 million abortions per year. Entire populations of countries like the UK (68 million), Italy (60 million), South Africa (59 million) and Kenya (54 million) are all lower every year than the number of annual abortions as estimated by Guttmacher. More

South Africa – Many articles claim abortion is still the best option for women

Some south African articles still insist that abortion is better if women do it legally or specifically within a health care setting then the procedure is safe and there can be no complications. An article by The Daily Maverick also insists that a woman, who can end the life of her unborn child, has more autonomy. Reports from around the world and more recently from USA Pennsylvania contradict these beliefs. A new report from Pennsylvania Department of Health show that in 2019, there was an alarming increase in abortion complications reported by physicians which was much higher than the 179 injuries documented in 2018. So even in a regulated health setting, women still get injured. Legal abortion does not protect women from this and neither from psychological problems that surface after an abortion – sometimes after years. Women with a history of abortion reported suffering from mental problems like depression, anxiety, feelings of anger and regret, and the inclination to commit suicide. Some women reported suffering damaged relationships with their husbands and children because of the anger and regret reported studies published in the British Journal of Psychiatry and the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons.

If South African media outlets continue to promote abortion as amounting to safety once made legal, unsuspecting SA women will be sitting with a bigger burden than the one they had before. Who then will help these women pick up the pieces when the damage is done? Will the media who insisted that abortion is free of consequences? Can we blame SA health practitioners for refusing to be part of this especially if they know this will do greater harm to the mother? The women who viciously advocate for abortion rights are women who have no idea of what this will cost them. They are oblivious of the fact that such a decision will catch up with them eventually. We’re not giving women more autonomy as some SA media outlet suggests, we’re giving them more mental health problems with no way out.

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USA – Abortion industry being taken to court over trafficking of aborted baby parts

For years, Troy Newman of Operation Save America and founding board member of the Center for Medical Progress has been what he calls a legal target for Planned Parenthood. Since 2015 the Planned Parenthood v. Troy Newman, et al. RICO lawsuit continues. Troy is being charged for “racketeering” which really is exposing their criminal scheme to sell babies by the pound. Troy published the now infamous truth about Planned Parenthood’s cash for baby body parts scheme. The bigger the baby, the more money they get for the dead baby. Operation Rescue has been at the forefront of exposing Planned Parenthood and putting their affiliates out of business for decades. More