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USA – New Legislation aims to ban sales & possession of sex dolls

A bill aiming to ban the sale and possession of sex dolls that look like children is before the U.S. House. This legislation is called the CREEPER Act 2.0. Patrick Trueman, the CEO and president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said “Recently, a mother discovered that an image of her 8-year-old daughter’s face was used on a sex doll being sold on the Internet.” The bill’s detractors say that sex dolls would be a form of harm reduction that meets the needs of individuals who would want to avoid harming real children, but no research exists to prove that this would prevent the actual abuse of children. Research does however exist that repeating this behaviour (especially sexual behaviour) actually has a normalising effect.

The Australian Institute of Chronology did a literature review on the research surrounding child sex dolls and found that it desensitizes the user from the harm that child sexual abuse causes because dolls don’t give any kind of emotional feedback that indicates pain and discomfort, maybe it even increases the risk of objectifying children and viewing them as sex commodities. Just like pornography which has been found to drive the demand for increased sexual exploitation. Some individuals start off watching normal soft porn but end up watching more extreme content to achieve the desired results. Extreme content includes violence against women, degrading of women, and an appetite for younger and younger ages. More