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Sexual Exploitation

USA – Children, Women Rescued in Ohio Sex Trafficking Raids

Authorities announced the rescue of more than 100 human trafficking victims, including 45 children, as part of a large operation in Ohio. The raids and enforcement actions also led to the arrest of 157 adults seeking sex with the victims.  More than 50 law enforcement agencies took part in Operation Autumn Hope, a state wide effort to tackle sex trafficking.  The operation yielded the arrests of 22 men who were seeking sex with minors. Another 157 would-be Johns were caught looking for sex with adult victims. During a news conference, Ohio Attorney General David Yost said that the difference between human trafficking and prostitution involved the force of a third party–a practice he said was akin to modern slavery. Read more

Germany – How COVID-19 influences prostitutes in Africa

In many places in Africa, sex for money is readily available, cheap, risky, and often illegal. The coronavirus makes it even worse. Gambia’s President ordered the closure of bars and nightclubs. Prostitution is widespread in Gambia but illegal.  SWEAT activist Turner sees the legalization and decriminalization of prostitution as the solution. “The arguments against legalization in South Africa are that prostitution contributes to child trafficking and is the reason for most HIV cases, which is not true,” says Turner. Doctors for Life disagrees with Turner’s belief because prostitution is inherently harmful based on studies done on the topic, and first-hand accounts of former prostitutes. Read more