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Medical Ethics

California – A bill to Sterilize Children Awaits Governor’s signature

While California has been in lockdown the state legislature has been passing legislation that creates a fund to pay for children to be sterilized in the name of transgender ideology. A law creating this fund is not only unnecessary and irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars, promoting an agenda at their expense, but it makes it legal and possible for young people to receive treatments that could adversely affect their health for life—treatments many doctors oppose. Dr James Grisolia, a San Diego neurologist and California state director of the American Academy of Medical Ethics expressed his concern for the youth because the legislation states that funds will go to transgender organisations who will partner with medical clinics they choose, and mean that transgender organisations will be in the driver’s seat on the treatment of children. Read more

UK – International Commission on the Clinical Use of Human Germline Genome Editing      

The National Academy of Medicine, of Engineering and of Sciences, The Royal Society and Heritable human genome editing -says “making changes to the genetic material of eggs, sperm, or any cells that lead to their development, including the cells of early embryos, and establishing a pregnancy – raises not only scientific and medical considerations but also a host of ethical, moral, and societal issues. Human embryos whose genomes have been edited should not be used to create a pregnancy until it is established that precise genomic changes can be made reliably and without introducing undesired changes – criteria that have not yet been met. Read more