Press Release – March For Life 2015

collage March 2015 smallMARCH FOR LIFE 4 OCTOBER 2015 This past Sunday was the annual National Alliance For Life (NAL), National March For life 2015. This event is held once a year on the first Sunday in October. It brings together people from all walks of life across South Africa who are pro-life and want to take a stand and stop the senseless killing of unborn babies. As much as the pro-abortionists claim that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body that baby although it might be inside her, is not part of her body, it is a separate person. If it is OK to kill a baby inside the womb, the next step of society will be (as is already being claimed by some leading bio-ethicists in the West), to claim that the lives of all human beings after being born are not equal. Society is being de-sensitized to the extent that the leading bio-ethicist in the USA (Peter Singer), can claim that up to 23 days AFTER the birth, a child should not be considered a human person that deserves protection from the law. The National march for Life is trying to get rid of such passivity in society and is open to all people from various organizations, as well as individuals and churches who demand the right of unborn human persons to full protection of the law. NAL provides a forum for all interested parties to come together and combine their efforts in order to raise awareness. The March For Life has been taking place for a number of years now and each year sees more interest from organizations and the media. Science has proven that life starts at the earliest beginnings of a human embryo and that very first cell contains all the information that makes the embryo a new, unique human being. It is a  person, which contains all the genetic information from the hair and eye color; the shoe size; how tall that person will be; whether they will be sportier or more academic or both etc. It will always be the weakest and most vulnerable of society that are taken advantage of and that is also true for an unborn baby. Just because they cannot stand up and speak for themselves does not mean we or their mothers have the right to decide if they may live or die. The goal of NAL and the March For Life is to inform and educate the public on abortion and get people, especially mothers, to realize there are other options available and that the complications a woman suffers after abortion doesn’t just last for those few minutes. The emotional scars can last a life time unless she gets therapy and counselling. Post Abortion Syndrome is well documented and results in severe depression, guilt, anxiety and regret. As a nation we call upon everybody to stand up and take responsibility for our actions. Since 1997 when abortion was legalized we have killed an estimated 1.2 million babies. On a world wide scale 19000 babies are aborted each day and since 1972 when abortion was legalized in the USA over 60 million babies have been aborted. It is time to stop this senseless taking of human life because it might be an inconvenience to us. We need to hold onto the sanctity of life.]]>