Aid to Africa: 2013-2014 Report

Introduction: It is with much appreciation that we take a look at the reports since January 2013 to the present for the Medical Outreach Program of Doctors For Life (DFL) called Aid to Africa. Both our mobile or short term medical missions (A), as well as the DFL Sihane Clinic and Maternity Ward in Zavora, Mozambique (B) fall under this program. With the assistance of many, we were able to impact thousands of lives in needy and often extremely isolated areas in Southern Africa. General medical examinations, dental care, free medication and treatment, pre-and post natal care, vaccinations and eye care are just some of the basic, yet often life saving services provided free of charge. Thank you very much to everybody who contributed thus far. We look forward to working together with you in the coming years. Johan Claassen (Project Co-ordinator)

A: Mobile and short term Outreaches

Medical Accomplishments for 2014 so far 4 needy areas were identified and reached with the main focus on eye surgery: 2 in Malawi, Mbonchera and Nombazo 1 in Mozambique, Inhambane 1 in Botswana, Maun 423 surgical procedures of which most were cataract surgeries on blind people. 600 approximate prescription eye glasses Thousands of people were screened and treated in various surrounding communities during these campaigns Medical Accomplishments for 2013 7 remote and needy areas were reached with the main focus on eye surgery: 2 in Malawi, Tekheranie and Kasinje 2 in Zambia, Mbanga and Mitete 2 in Angola, Mucusso and Calai 1 in South Africa, Kingscliffe 248 surgical procedures of which most were cataract surgery on blind people. 211 dental procedures 742+ prescription eye glasses (actually approximately 800 ) 2671 internal medicine examinations (General practitioner examinations) 1438 + eye examinations in total 4474 total patients were treated and examined

B: DFL Sihane Clinic and Maternity Ward, Zavora, Mozambique

Medical Accomplishments We examined and treated approximately 12 916 patients at our Zavora clinic, of which: 5468 were Malaria cases 68 HIV 21 other STI’s 306 Diarrhoea 208 babies were delivered during 2013 670 deliveries over the past few years since the maternity ward opened  
Year Live births Birth deaths Transfers to hospitals Total deliveries
2009 31 1 6 32
2010 107 0 13 107
2011 120 0 22 120
2012 199 3 16 202
2013 201 4 21 208
TOTAL 661 8 78 670