14 September 2018 86


USA - Government Speeds Up Process to Defund Planned Parenthood
USA - Texas Abortion rates at record lows
USA - A Third of Prolife Conservatives Leave Facebook over Censorship
Guatemala - Protest forces Guatemala to cancel Bill to Legalize Abortion
South Korea - Doctors doing Illegal Abortions Threatened with Suspension

Alternative Medicine

[No news today]


Australia - Queensland Premier asks for inquiry into aged care and euthanasia

IVF and Surrogacy

[No news today]

Medical Ethics

USA - Healthcare workers and the duty to treat Ebola patients
Japan - Expert committee recommends no regulation for some gene editing
USA - Should all babies have their genomes sequenced?


USA - Google’s new Artificial Intelligence tool to fight pedophiles


India - Ola taxi driver showed porn to passenger
USA - New court ruling could encourage child pornography
USA - Religious male students less sexually aggressive
USA - Porn Fuels Loneliness, Research Finds

Same Sex Attraction

Chile - Transgender Bill successfully stalled
USA - Why I De-Transitioned
USA - I regret transitioning

Sexual Exploitation

Ireland - The sex trade in Ireland affects over 1,000 women

Substance Abuse

USA - Horrible child abuse death in Texas highlights links to marijuana
USA - Governor Won't Rule Out Recriminalizing Marijuana in Colorado
USA - There's No 'Safe' Level of Alcohol Consumption, Global Study Finds
USA - Drinking Alcohol Really Does Raise Your Cancer Risk, Doctors Warn
Canada - Marijuana Company gets $4 Billion Investment by Corona-Beer