Integrated approach to online safety will bring down online predators (USA)

Two advocacy groups are calling for stronger measures to curb Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children, They plead for an integrated effort among various stakeholders – from the government, private sector, civil society, to the communities and families. The online streaming event was hosted by Globe in partnership with UNICEF, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), CitizenWatch, and Bantay Konsyumer, Kalsada, and Kuryente (BK3). These organisations stated that to be truly digital means that online safety must be guaranteed. There are several existing laws but there is a gap in the implementation of these laws that allows for activities to thrive with impunity and victimise our children. They further pointed out that there are also laws that conflict with the implementation of the above legislation, and which make it difficult for the authorities to go after online predators.