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Brazil – New study shows unborn baby react to needle injection causing pain

With the advent of high-definition 4-dimensional ultrasound (4D-US), it is possible to record fetal body and facial expressions. In a recent study, unborn babies undergoing an anaesthetic injection into their thigh ahead of intrauterine surgery exhibit changes in facial expression similar to newborn babies experiencing pain. The evidence gathered in this study coheres with the increasing evidence that the unborn can experience pain. Last year, a large number of MPs attended a Parliamentary webinar to discuss the evidence indicating that the unborn baby may feel pain from as early as 12 weeks’ gestation.

This study was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics and called ‘Reconsidering Fetal Pain’. In this study, they argue that women considering abortion at 12 weeks’ gestation should be told about the pain their unborn baby could experience while being terminated. Lethal injection of potassium chloride to their heart in a late-term abortion. This is the same chemical used to execute inmates in the US. The administration of potassium chloride in executions is considered so painful that it is considered necessary to first administer an anaesthetic before its use in state executions. The American College of Pediatricians has released their position statement after reviewing the scientific evidence on fetal pain at 12 weeks’ gestation, and possibly earlier, and are in full agreement with the findings. Sorting pain out of salience: assessment of pain facial expressions in the human fetus, American College of Pediatricians: Unborn Children Feel Pain, Study shows baby in the womb reacting to anaesthetic injection.

USA – Unsafe: the ground-breaking investigative report on abortion industry that endangers women

A ground-breaking 50-state investigative report on America’s abortion industry conditions is a comprehensive, documented record of the tragic consequences of that decision to make abortion legal and believing, against the evidence, that it would be safer. The report documents more than 300 facilities in 39 states that were cited for more than 2,400 health and safety deficiencies between 2008 and 2020, including hundreds of significant violations of state laws meant to ensure basic health and safety. The report also includes information on the dangers of chemical abortion drugs, abortionists’ disregard for patient safety, and their failure to report the trafficking and rape of young girls. Unsafe equips advocates and lawmakers with evidence of the need for health and safety standards. Report

Poland – Top court rules abortion in case of disability is unconstitutional

Despite the play on words by mainstream media, women are not the ones in danger if abortion on the unborn is made illegal, because it’s the unborn who gets aborted. Poland’s top court has ruled to protect unborn babies from being aborted when they are diagnosed with a disability this also means that almost all abortion in Poland is banned. Abortion will now only be permissible in cases of rape, incest or if the mother’s life is thought to be at risk which makes up only 2% of abortions. Poland will now be the country with the strictest abortion laws in Europe and recent polling results show 75% of Polish people think abortion is always wrong and can never be justified while only 7% felt otherwise. More

Africa – Help us, don’t kill us! Plead against funding of abortion

Culture of Life Africa pleads with President Biden of America, in a video, to keep President Trump’s Mexico City Policy (MCP) intact. MCP bans American taxpayer money from funding NGOs in foreign countries that promote or provide abortion. Lawyers, nurses, doctors, students, business entrepreneurs from continents all over Africa pleaded with the USA to channel funds into helping the needy, the poor, the weak, sick and homeless and that hospitals, drinkable water, food, good education and infrastructure are what they need – not abortion. African communities are built on the principles of sanctity of life, equal dignity for all, protecting the weak and vulnerable and since the right to life is inherent, the same should be afforded to the unborn child said a lawyer in the video. They hope that Biden will recognize the African Culture and respect their heart’s cry and not force western ideas and ideologies on the world of the poor. More