Is it Really a "Blessing"?

Embargo: Immediate release Date: 2016-05-25 Enquiries: Vaughan Luck Cell: 078 748 9884 Office: 032 481 5550 Doctors For Life is very concerned about this trend of the “Bless-er” and “Bless-ee“. Two made up words used to glamourize and candy coat a much older well off man taking advantage of minors (some as young as 12-14 years). School children instead of depending on getting good grades are now depending on these “sugar daddies” to provide for their needs. In developmental psychology an adolescent is known as a concrete operator;

  1. They believe themselves unlikely to suffer from the negative consequences of their actions.
  2. They believe that they understand more than what they do.
  3. They are not aware of their own limitations and make judgements that are inappropriate
Hence they take risks which others won’t. All of the above make the South African youth more vulnerable to sexual predators. Being groomed by an older man through the promise of gifts for favours is revolting. It is turning our young girls into sex slaves for child predators that should be locked up and not idolized. Sex exchanged for gifts in any form is prostitution, plain and simply. They are being exploited and confused leading to the inability to think clearly and act responsibly. The more our government departments hint in the media about prostitution being decriminalized the more you will see this type of behaviour starting to become normalized in the minds of the young generation of South Africans who read about it in magazines, follow it on social media and watch it acted out in their favourite TV shows and movies. Paedophilia is being presented as a variant of normal human sexual behaviour, therefore younger and younger boys and girls are likely to become victims of this sort of exploitation. Even more so when they are provided with condoms. Can we really hope to encourage and motivate the youth to stay away from destructive behaviours while at the same time handing out the very “tool” used to encourage those same behaviours? All we are doing is sending out mixed messages.

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