Testimony of Linda Parker I would like to tell you just how God saved me from the jaws of hell! My real name is Linda, but as a prostitute my name was Lisa. So I was known as Lisa in Albany Grove where I worked as a ‘money maker’. I used to stay in a room at the bottom of a block of flats; this room had no lights, no water and was infested with rats. My Nigerian “boss” promised me that I would only stay there until month end and then we would move to a delux apartment. This never happened. I ended up staying there for a year and 6 months. During that year I was dependant on a wake -up drug which I would get every night before I went out. I was also pregnant at that time and took the drugs gladly oblivious to the well being of the baby. The Nigerian would get anxious if I refused the wake up and sometimes he would convince me to take it. At other times if I refused it he would stand on the street with me in case I wanted to run-way. I was very fortunate with this Nigerian because he never beat me like how other girls got beaten. I would steal and rob in order to stay in his good books and so he called me ‘money-maker’. There also came a time when I was “hallucinating”, or that is what I thought, because whenever I smoked I used to see a man standing in front of me. He would silently stand there with his arms folded over his chest. I couldn’t see his face, but only the silhouette. I was always afraid of this ghost, and even if there was a candle in the room I wouldn’t go in unless there was someone with me. I also used to hear it breathing and following me when I went on the street. This only happened if I smoked, but because I was so addicted, it was a must to smoke, I just had to do it. So one Sunday I decided not to go out so I bought myself sweets, candles and a newspaper. After reading a little, the candle dropped and burnt the whole room, including everything I owned. So I had to run away. I was left with the clothes on my back. Those Nigerians hated me; I had burned down their place of business. But God had other plans for my life and now I am safe in the arms of Jesus. When I came to Doctors for Life I had nothing, only the clothes I was wearing. They gave me clothes, food and a safe shelter. One day I was reading the bible and I read James 4:2. “You don’t have because you don’t ask”. I needed shoes for church and I prayed, at dinner a girl said that she had a parcel for me but she had left it behind. I was wondering what parcel it was. Toward evening she came to the room with the parcel and it had my name on it. When I opened it there was a brand new pair of shoes inside with my name on it. So God does answer prayer. I am also just so grateful that God has given me second chance!]]>