Doctors for Life International Group of Companies: Preliminary (Unaudited) Financial Report for the year ended 29 February 2012

Our income varies considerably from year to year, depending on how much our donors are able to give towards our work. Sometimes a large amount of money is given for a specific project / cause, resulting in a spike in income for that particular year. Examples of this would be the building of the clinic in Zavora (Mozambique) during the 2009 and 2010 financial years and the building of the Table Mountain Orphan Centre during the 2012 financial year. total_dep_split From this graph it can be clearly seen that Operation LifeChild and Aid to Africa are our largest projects in terms of funds received and applied. Most of our donors wish to support a specific project and we take great care in allocating all donor funding according to our donors’ wishes. The General Admin consist mainly of telephone costs, bank charges and the honorariums of 12 full-time volunteers who work at head office. It often happens that the funds allocated for General Admin are used to cover shortfalls on other projects, especially for Operation LifeChild, since supporting all our orphans on a month-to-month basis can be a financial challenge. It has even happened that our volunteers have had to forfeit their honorariums in order for us to meet our commitments toward our orphan centres. life_child In terms of funding received and used, Operation LifeChild was our largest project during the 2012 financial year. We received donations specifically for the building of our Table Mountain centre, which constituted 21{01b0879e117dd7326006b2e84bcaac7e8fa1509c5c67baf2c9eb498fe06caff4} of our total spending for the year. The 76{01b0879e117dd7326006b2e84bcaac7e8fa1509c5c67baf2c9eb498fe06caff4} spent on orphans includes food and other necessities bought for the orphans as well as wages for the caregivers who are directly responsible for caring for the day-to-day needs of our children. It also includes the cost of delivering food to our centres of which some are situated in very rural areas. A small percentage (3{01b0879e117dd7326006b2e84bcaac7e8fa1509c5c67baf2c9eb498fe06caff4}) of donor funds intended for Operation LifeChild is used for administrative expenses which are directly related to the running of this project. These expenses include the honorarium of one dedicated volunteer at head office who coordinates this project. aid_africa During the 2012 financial year outreaches were made to Zambia, Angola and Malawi.  There have also been outreaches to remote areas within the borders of South Africa. life_place Currently this project consists of two parts: –  The LifePlace coffee shop in Durban where we reach out to prostitutes, and –  our SafeHouse where we accommodate ex-prostitutes who would like to make a fresh start in life. The LifePlace coffee shop runs on a budget of R5 000 per month, out of which we pay the rent, electricity, telephone and a honorarium for a full-time volunteer dedicated to this project.  The outreaches to the prostitutes on the streets of Durban are also financed out of this budget.]]>