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Same Sex Attraction

Canada - Transgender demands woman to wax his genitals - (07 June 2018)

A spa in Ontario is being sued by a man who is a transgender ‘female’ who wanted his genitals waxed. The man became enraged when a Muslim female employee refused to do so because of religious convictions. The manager of the spa said that anyone is welcome and that staff members are available to wax male genital areas, but he also respects the female staff members who do not feel comfortable with being so close to a man. The Federalist’s Kaeley Haver opposes the irrational behaviour of the transgender ‘female’ and expressed on twitter that any man who believes it is okay to force a woman into doing what she feels uncomfortable with is promoting a rape culture.

USA - Victory for parents over LGBT books in public library - (07 June 2018)

In Texas, parents and citizens fought a long battle over LGBT books on display in a public library. Parents and citizens argued that if Temple library wanted to promote “gay pride” then they must tell the whole story and also include books like The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. The library board did not want to cooperate at first but eventually was forced to as parents did not take no for an answer. The new policy is very vague but a victory nonetheless. It was also discovered that a well-funded national group with ties to the pornography industry sought to “advise” the library board on behalf of LGBT issues. Parents won this round but the fight is far from over.

Canada - Parents should know - (24 May 2018)

A proposal has been put forth to schools that they inform parents when their children have joined Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) groups at school; critics say that the child’s freedom is at stake and every child should have the right to privacy so long there’s no threat to public safety. According to GLMA (Health Professionals Advance LGBT equality), in a report called “Ten things Gay men should discuss with their Health Care Provider”, it lists many common issues that the LGBT community are prone to, including STI’s, anxiety and depression. Three more reports on lesbians and transgender persons also exist – why should parents not be informed as reports like these are hardly mentioned?

Nigeria - Homosexuality won’t be accepted - (24 May 2018)

At the recent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in the UK Alhaji Shettima Yerima, the President of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum (AYCF), has affirmed that “it is totally impossible” for homosexuality to become acceptable as a way of Life in Nigeria. British Prime Minister Theresa May was urging Nigeria’s president and other leaders to accept homosexuality. For any country to accept a lifestyle that is medically proven to be harmful is not being kind to homosexual persons. It is not solving the rising STI’s or numerous mental health issues that so often affect the LGBT community. Ghana, Kenya and now Nigeria along with Israel, reject placing emphasis on homosexuality.

Romania - 3 million signatures support the traditional family - (24 May 2018)

The PSD ruling party leadership of Romania decided to stage a major rally in May to support the traditional family. Also that Romania should hold a referendum aiming to redefine the family in the constitution. At present the Constitution states the family is formed through the “consenting marriage between spouses”. In the amended version the article would state that the marriage is between a male and a female. This change has been backed by 3 million signatures and would block any attempt to legalize gay marriage. For same sex couples, the ruling party proposed the legalization of the civil partnership. In late March the Chamber of Deputies approved the amendments to the Constitution.

USA - Controversial sex education unfolds - (24 May 2018)

Parents from the USA, UK and Australia are protesting the new sex education curriculum that aggressively promotes abortion and homosexuality with graphic depictions of a sexual and explicit nature. The event called Sex Ed Sit Out is demonstrating the outrage of parents over what Planned Parenthood and pro-LGBT advocates are teaching the children. Among the many things mentioned in this article, learners are told of a sexual health toolkit that offers children tips on using sex toys and anal lubricant. “What if you don’t have time or money to buy sex toys?” the guide asks on page C-51. “Cucumbers, carrots, and bananas (with the peel) make great dildos. Just remember to use a condom!”

Nigeria - Homosexual men fight over HIV infection - (11 May 2018)

In Lagos State, Nigeria, a man infected with HIV by his boyfriend protested against his boyfriend wanting to sleep with another man and infect him too. The argument quickly broke out into a fight that had neighbours calling the police for help. Inter-partner violence is a common occurrence in the homosexual community. In the Journal of Human Sexuality (volume 1) of 2009 on page 87, studies reviewed and derived from hundreds of sources by the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH), reveal that despite homosexuals knowing the risks, they repeatedly and pathologically continue to indulge in unsafe sex practices. Homosexuals have the highest number of STI cases and many homosexual sex practices are medically dangerous, with or without protection. Homosexual relationships in comparison to heterosexual relationships are far more violent and frequent and more than one third of homosexual men and women are substance abusers.

USA - First Ever Ex-LGBT march and an uprising of truth - (11 May 2018)

In Washington the first ever Ex-LGBT Freedom March will be hosted by an Organisation called Voice of the Voiceless which supports and advocates for individuals that have left the homosexual lifestyle. Attendees from around the country will attend and share their journey of life before and after homosexuality. The movement of so many individuals debunks the claims from LGBT advocates and medical organisations (that have abandoned science and research integrity) which have said homosexuality is “unchangeable”.

USA - Harmful transgender book scientifically inaccurate - (11 May 2018)

Michael K. Laidlaw, MD is a board-certified physician in Rocklin, California specializing in endocrinology who reviewed the book for children called “I am Jazz” by Jazz Jennings about an adolescent being “diagnosed” as transgender. Dr. Laidlaw expresses concerns from a medical point of view that this book makes false claims that are scientifically incorrect and fails to mention the “multitude of health risks, potential infertility and sexual dysfunction associated with the hormonal and surgical treatment of gender dysphoria. “I could not in good conscience recommend these treatments to any child or adolescent.” Harm has already occurred at Rocklin Academy in a kindergarten class where the book was read as a number in the class were emotionally harmed.

Indonesia - Government blocks 80,000 websites - (20 April 2018)

Indonesia has taken major steps to crack down on human trafficking and pornography. The Ministry of Communications and Informatics have shut down and blocked many LGBT dating apps because they discovered that under-aged boys were being sold for sex. The Ministry also blocks other websites that host pornographic material and fake news sites. Homosexuality is not illegal in the country but legislation is moving to restrict the communities’ rights and activities and also to ban propaganda.

USA - Military transgender ban - (20 April 2018)

Defence Secretary Jim Mattis reported on the study and findings of the Defense Department which found transgender persons to be a risk to military effectiveness and could undermine readiness, disrupt unit cohesion and impose an unreasonable burden on the military. The new policy issued by President Trump will enable the military to apply a well-established mental and physical health standard and would disqualify transgender persons from serving in the military except if they are already in ranks or if they show for a period of 36 months that they no longer suffer from the psychological condition. Those that do not seek to transition with surgery can serve but as the sex they were assigned at birth.

UK - The problem with having 63 different genders - (06 April 2018)

The BBC show 'Daily Politics interviewed Melanie Phillips, a British Journalist, author, public commentator and LGBT rights activist on the issue of transgenderism. Phillips raised concerns on the 2020 proposal for the census whereby a third gender called ‘other’ offends transgender people. She said if any more gender options are added the census will no longer be a reliable principal source of statistics on the men and women in the country and this will hinder planning for services. Phillips explains that the transphobic label is being used as a weapon with an intolerant set of attitudes masquerading as compassion.

UK - Have we gone too far? - (06 April 2018)

A new ‘trend’ called ‘trans-species’ has people believing they can live as animals and ‘trans-aging’ has people believing it is normal for a 52-year-old man to live as a six-year-old girl. We are also witnessing a push by paedophiles to normalise their sexual attraction to young children. All these ‘trends’ are considered, in psychology, to be atypical and extreme conditions that are harmful. This is a classic example of how progressively worse things can get with no end in sight when we decide to move the goal posts of what is healthy and normal. As health care workers we should have compassion on such people but by no means encourage this behaviour.

UK - LGBT group linked to paedophilia ring - (14 March 2018)

An LGBT group in the UK has been urged to investigate allegations of connections to a paedophile ring after Matthew Sephton, 42, the former chairman of the group, was jailed and convicted at Manchester Crown Court for sharing the most horrendous child abuse images. Apparently the group was warned three years ago of suspicious activity within the gay rights group linking them to a wider paedophile scandal. It is alarming to see so many reports surfacing on the LGBT groups and the link to paedophile activity.

USA - Challenging the transgender narrative - (14 March 2018)

In a short video clip Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson challenges Zac Petkanas, a Democratic National Committee Senior Advisor on the issue of ‘gender-neutral’ bathrooms. Petkanas was adamant that you don’t need any other way to define you’re gender other than what you say it is. Carlson asked whether a scientific foundation exists for concluding that a man becomes a woman by saying he is now a woman and does he then get to play women’s sports because he says he is a woman. The thought that you can be ‘gender-neutral’ or one of 50 other gender options has never been attempted in human history and has confused and concerned many American people.

USA - Normalising the LGBT agenda is child abuse - (23 February 2018)

A Family Association group called ‘One Million Moms’ is protesting and driving a wide-spread awareness campaign, calling on families to resist the publication of pro-homosexual and pro-transgender books for children. The American College of Paediatricians warns “Conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthy is child abuse”. Numerous studies, research and therapists confirm that the lifestyle is harmful on many levels and even more research exists that change is possible.

Zimbabwe - New President joins Ghana’s stance on homosexuality - (23 February 2018)

The new President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, said he would focus on repaying debts, embracing the international economy and modernizing infrastructure. However, the President shares Ghana’s views on homosexuality and said in an interview with CNN that it is not his duty to campaign for LGBT rights and that “In our constitution it is banned and it is my duty to obey my constitution.”

USA - Teen threatened to commit suicide for being called a boy name - (09 February 2018)

In November 2015 the state of Alberta passed Bill 24 which prohibits teachers from informing parents when their children have joined Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) at school and allows children to impersonate the opposite sex. Instead, this bill shuts parents out of their children’s life and has caused 14 year-old Jane to nearly commit suicide. Jane is happy to be what she was born to be – a girl. But peers insisted on calling her a boy’s name even after she said she was fine with being a girl. This confusion and stress lead to Jane’s parents to take her out of school for the sake of her progress and they are pleading with the state to quit driving a wedge between parents and their children.

Italy - Doctor who was accused for defamation found not guilty - (09 February 2018)

Dr. Silvana De Mari is a specialist in psychotherapy, medicine and surgery and has taken care of homosexual persons for 40 years. Dr. De Mari declared that homosexuality is a health hazard and that sexually transmitted infections are skyrocketing among homosexuals. LGBT activists said Dr. De Mari defamed homosexuals by making these statements and demanded action against her but she was cleared of all accusations on the grounds that it is impossible to determine who would have suffered injury because of her broad statement. Dr. Silvana added “If the American Psychiatric Association can establish that homosexuality isn't a disorder of nature, they can very well establish that neither is pedophilia."

Bermuda - Island seeks to ban same-sex marriage - (09 February 2018)

Bermuda wants to be the first country to re-ban same-sex ‘marriages’ after its House Assembly passed a bill to overrule an earlier court ruling that permitted the practice. A new proposed bill wants to give same-sex couples the same legal benefits heterosexual couples have but there is opposition and the bill has yet to be decided on by the Senate.

USA - Ban on change therapy faces legal challenge - (09 February 2018)

Ordinance 2017-47 is a new law aiming to ban change therapy for anyone seeking help with unwanted homosexual attractions. Liberty Counsel is a non-profit that will be challenging this ban together with Robert Vazzo and David Pickup, both licensed and marriage family therapists (LMFT) and their clients, on the basis that the ban violates the First Amendment and is unconstitutional since no person should not have to be forced to struggle with unwanted homosexual desires, if they want to change. Liberty Counsel filed suit in federal court against the city of Tampa, Florida in December last year.

USA – Health issues associated with MSM - (18 January 2018)

The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association updated their publication this year in August called: “Ten things gay men should discuss with their health care provider”, that men who have sex with men (MSM) not only have an increased risk of HIV infection but also abuse substances at a higher rate, have higher rates of depression and anxiety, increased risk of hepatitis, STDs occur at a higher rate and includes STD infections for which no cure is available. MSM are more at risk for prostate, testicular and colon cancer. The Human Papilloma virus puts MSM at high risk for anal cancers and the rates of spreading this infection between partners are also very high.

USA – Social discrimination and the facts - (18 January 2018)

A new report by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called ‘HIV among Gay and Bisexual Men’, reveals that men who have sex with men (MSM) make up only 4% of the entire U.S. population, but account for more than two-thirds of all new HIV infections which is more than 44 times that of other men. Many MSM are unaware of their status and unknowingly transmit the virus while other MSM give false information about their HIV status to their partner. The CDC also claims that social discrimination is a factor that contributes to the risky sexual behaviour of MSM. However, the Netherlands legalized homosexuality since 2001 and despite their liberal recognition for homosexuality, a 2015 report from the Netherlands shows that the health implications of MSM did not decrease but that some infections increased.

USA – Paediatrician exposes the dangers of transgender ideology - (18 January 2018)

Dr. Michelle Cretella M.D. has been a paediatrician for over 20 years and in this video posted by the Daily Signal, she likens the transgender ideology to child abuse and explains that our sex is determined at conception by our DNA, stamped into every cell in our bodies. There are over 6,500 genetic differences between men and women, hormones and surgery cannot, and do not change this. Thoughts and feelings are not biologically hardwired; our thinking may be factually right or factually wrong. According to most mainstream medical organisations, if you want to cut off a healthy leg or an arm, you’re mentally ill, and therefore the same would be true if you want to cut off healthy breasts or a penis. Dr. Cretella had one boy patient who was between 3-5 years old when she referred his parents to a therapist because the boy would play with stereotypical girls’ toys and would call himself a girl. The therapist learned that when the boy was three, his sister with special needs was born and she required more care and attention from his parents. The child misperceived this as his parents love girls and if he wants them to love him, he must be a girl. With family therapy, the boy got better. Sometimes mental illness of the parent or abuse of the child are also factors that cause a child to feel confused, but Dr. Cretella feels very strongly that telling children the lie that they could be trapped in the wrong body is psychological abuse that leads to chemical castration and surgical mutilation of a healthy body, and this ultimately tells the child not to trust in the reality of their physical body.

Turkey – Homosexual events banned in country - (29 November 2017)

Turkey’s capital city of Ankara joined Egypt, Indonesia and Russia in banning all homosexual events such as screenings, filming, exhibitions and parades. The governor of Ankara said LGBT events will provoke and cause animosity between different groups and endanger public health and morality and the rights and freedoms of others. Homosexuality is not a crime in Turkey and many LGBT associations are legally registered with the state.

UK – Association of poor mental health and sexual identity - (29 November 2017)

A new study called ‘Sexual orientation and symptoms of common mental disorder or low wellbeing: combined meta-analysis of 12 UK population health surveys’, pooled data from a British Cohort Study 2012, Health Survey for England 2011, 2012 and 2013, Scottish Health Survey 2008 to 2013, Longitudinal Study of Young People in England 2009/10 and Understanding Society 2011/2012. In conclusion this study showed that despite the participants being mostly heterosexual 97.2 %, while 1.1 % are lesbian/gay and 0.9 % are bisexual and 0.8 % as ‘other, the homosexual groups experience a greater prevalence of poor mental health (anxiety or depression), substance abuse, suicidality and self-harm compared to heterosexuals, particularly younger and older homosexual adults. Population-based evidence of poorer mental health in homosexual people has been found in samples from the United States, Netherlands and England. The study also shows how sexual identity is necessary to be recorded when seeking psychological therapies to better help the minority group.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect those of Doctors for Life International