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USA - 'Show Dogs' pulled as parents say it grooms kids for sexual abuse - (07 June 2018)

The producers of a controversial child’s movie critics say grooms children for sexual abuse are pulling it from cinemas worldwide. The “talking dog” comedy Show Dogs will be cut from theaters. Life Site News and the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) criticized Show Dogs for conveying a message that genital touching must be endured and to submit to pedophiles. Global Road Entertainment offered an apology to anyone who “feels that Show Dogs sent an inappropriate message.” NCOSE stated that it normalized the potential for sexual abuse. Executive director Karen Hawkins indicated that the implied reward for enduring the unwanted touching and the advice to retreat to a “Zen like place” were similar to tactics used by child molesters. Critics have panned Show Dogs for its reliance on jokes about genitals and bodily functions.

USA - Pedophiles try to lure an 8-year-old girl into child porn on an app - (07 June 2018)

An 8-year-old girl was coerced into taking her clothes off by pedophiles on an app called Live.me. The girl's mother found the video saved on her tablet a week after it was live streamed."The men were saying 'Change your clothes. I'll give you more likes' and ‘where's your mom?'" Live.me says the site should not be used by anybody under the age of 13 and prohibits sexual or violent content. Within minutes of downloading the app using a fake age 12 News witnessed several videos of women dancing in a sexual manner. Experts warn parents of the dangers apps can present, especially the live streaming apps with location services that tell viewers exactly where the person is located.

UK - Pedophilic adult toys reduce seasoned BBC journalist to tears - (24 May 2018)

While touring an “adult toy” factory in Japan that manufactures “sexbots” – life-size, lifelike robots created for the purpose of sexual gratification, a BBC journalist stumbled upon a section of childlike “sexbots” being assembled. Journalist James Young was “visibly shaken” according to a report. Mr. Young, a biological scientist traveled across the globe to meet the makers of sex robots for a documentary. While some assert that increasingly lifelike child sex dolls and “sexbots” will serve as a deterrent to criminal sexual acts against children by pedophiles, many experts believe the burgeoning industry will encourage sexual predation. Some of these dolls resemble children as young as three years old and can be customized to feature lifelike facial expressions, including sadness, crying and fear. Even more troubling, customers can customize their doll order to resemble children they actually know by providing photographs to the manufacturer. Such dolls have been confiscated at the borders of the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.

USA - Jennifer Haley creates avatar girls to explore pedophilia  - (11 May 2018)

Is virtual reality real? Is it so real that some of our interactions in computer-simulated, 3-D environments should be banned? Jennifer Haley has produced a provocative play unlike most of the popular war and fantasy games on the market; this game takes you into one of the darker corners of cyberspace. This is about men who are free to indulge their sexual desires with pre-pubescent girls. What is most unsettling are the issues the playwright raises about the lure and morality of the boundaries between imagining and acting. Ms Haley wanted to probe the potential ethical issues arising from our fascination with computerized illusions. Recently criminal justice officials in Germany, Australia and other countries have debated whether visitors of “underground” virtual sites that involve pedophilia should be prosecuted for child pornography crimes. Some have suggested that virtual reality avatars of young girls be used to help identify, diagnose and possibly punish the adult clients.

China - Call Me by Your Name’ Pulled From Beijing Film Festival - (20 April 2018)

Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me by Your Name,” which just won an Oscar for adapted screenplay, has been pulled from the Beijing Film Festival. The festival’s removal of the gay-themed coming-of-age film, first reported by Reuters, comes as Chinese authorities tighten their control over media content of this nature. Earlier this month, China’s rubber-stamp parliament voted to allow the Communist Party’s propaganda department to have control over the film, news and publishing. “Call Me by Your Name,” is handled by Sony Pictures Entertainment. It follows the romance between a teenager and a much older graduate student over a summer in the Italian countryside. This is in and of itself a victory against the normalizing of pedophilic tendencies in a main stream cinema.

Australia - Deported reoffending pedophile sparks law review - (20 April 2018)

A pedophile, who sexually abused two boys in Australia after being deported from Canada for raping his stepson, has prompted the attorney general of Australia to look at required law changes. Attorney General John Quigley conceded it was "a huge problem" that pedophiles could relocate and continue abusing children without the strictest possible monitoring. The dangerous sex offender’s act only allows for people who are in prison to be declared a dangerous sex offender, not people who have been deported back to Australia after serving a prison term overseas. Mr. Quigley said he now realizes the oversight and would look at what laws need to be changed. Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said it was "every parent's worst nightmare" and he expected people deported to Australia to be checked in future.

UK - Killer of Jamie Bulger Admits possession of pedophilia material AGAIN - (23 February 2018)

Jon Venables, one of James Bulger’s killers, pleaded guilty to having more than 1,000 child abuse images and a “pedophile manual “.Venables was sentenced to 40 months in jail. Mr. Justice Edis said, “This case is unique because when you were 10 years old you took part in the murder and torture of James Bulger.” He served eight years for the murder before being released on license in 2001 with a new identity and granted lifelong anonymity. It’s the second time that Venables has been caught with child abuse images. In 2010, he was jailed for two years after pleading guilty to distributing child pornography. A report found that Venables has a “high risk of real harm to children in the future” and a “long-term and profound interest in children,”139

UK - Paedophiles on twitter trying to normalise attraction to children - (09 February 2018)

An investigation by the Sun found a disturbing number of accounts on Twitter that openly discuss their sexual attraction to children. They are trying to raise awareness for what they refer to as minor-attracted persons (MAPs) who do not abuse children physically but admit an attraction. They also compare paedophilia to being gay or bisexual because it is a sexual orientation that they claim they did not choose but were born with. The accounts are said to have been shown to the National Crime Agency who requested they do not block any of them so they can continue to monitor the posts.

Russia - Government clamps down on paedophile offenses - (09 February 2018)

Russia has joined Australia in a bid to protect children from paedophiles. With one accord Russia supported a bill authored by the Deputy Speaker of Russia's Lower House that proposes life imprisonment for any sexual assault against children under 14 years of age. Covering up such crime is also punishable.

USA - LGBT lingerie shop uses 9 year-old boy as a model - (09 February 2018)

House of Mann is an online shop that sells clothing and lingerie for drag queens and gay men. Brandon Hilton, who runs the shop sparked an outrage when he decided to use a 9 year-old boy to be the ‘cover-girl’ to advertise his range. The public is suspicious of Hilton having paedophilic tendencies for thinking it’s okay to model a child in clothing that invokes sexual desires. Many pro-LGBT websites have praised Brandon and see nothing wrong with this attempt to sexualize children.

South Africa – UK man wanted for paedophilia - (18 January 2018)

Lee Tucker, a commercial pilot had been living in Cape Town for 15 years before he was arrested in March 2016. He is wanted in the UK for 42 paedophilia-related charges and believes he is being targeted because he is homosexual. The charges he faces in the UK include assaulting underage boys, living from the earnings of male prostitution and being part of a paedophile ring in Bristol in 1998. Tucker remains in Pollsmoor prison until his next hearing.

USA – New film normalises pedastry - (18 January 2018)

“Call me by your name” is a new movie about an older man’s affair with a 17-year-old boy whose relationship sparks homoeroticism and flirtation, which then turns romantic and carnal. Summed up, the movie is about pedastry. This movie seeks to mainstream sexual activity between a man and a boy in a warm and fuzzy way. This message will find its way into homes on the television, laptop computers and Smartphone’s of adolescent children. It is not pornography, but overtly an attempt to normalize pedastry.

Australia – New laws to crackdown on child sexual abuse - (18 January 2018)

Last year, 800 registered paedophiles travelled overseas, often to developing countries in Asia, and about 40% did so without notifying police. “This will now stop,” said Foreign Minister Julie Bishop. The new law stops paedophiles convicted in Australia from travelling elsewhere to offend. Paedophiles can have their passports cancelled at the request of authorities and it is now an offence to travel without approval from law enforcement agencies. The Government is proposing new offences and tougher penalties targeting live-streamed child abuse and online grooming. They also plan tougher fines on internet service providers if they do not report abusive material to police since there is a growing concern for the role that technology plays.

USA – Homosexual pair shared adopted son with sex ring for six years - (29 November 2017)

In 2005 two homosexual men adopted a son from a woman in Russia for the sole purpose of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, police told the court. Police also told the court that videos and images of the boys abuse was uploaded to a national paedophile ring called ‘Boy Lovers Network’ which had 70,000 members worldwide before it was subject to international raids that arrested 670 men. The two homosexual men were found guilty for offering the boy for sex to at least eight men in the US, France and Germany. They have been sentenced to 30 and 40 years in prison in the USA.

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